how to send files in messenger mobile /কিভাবে মেসেঞ্জারে যেকোন ধরনের ফাইল পাঠাবেন

Hello viewers,
Welcome to my technical fiction channel. Today I am going to show you how we can send
any type of file in the messenger. Sometimes we need to send document file or
other extension fil like pdf,doc,docx,apk etc. Basically messenger don’t allow you to send
other type of file. so we will hack it and will send different
type of file in the messenger without using Dropbox or any other cloud storage. Lets Go for it… Firstly,we have to download “Xplorer File
Manager” from Google Play store. Open Play store …
Type in the Search Box “Xplorer File Manager”. This is the App. Now Download and install it. I’ve already install it. So I don’t want to install it twice. After your installation.. Go to “Xplorer File Manager”. And Select Your file .
I’ve already choose it for tutorial. Now ‘Long Press’ on the file and it will
Show you a “Option” Select “Share” from option
it will Show you a “App list” you can send your file to Whatsapp,Imo,Viber
or Other Social apps. Just select “messenger”
After opening Messenger it will show you “Send Separetly” window. My Contact is loading.After loading contact
you can send your file to anyone
Just Tap “ Send “ button. Viewers, That was the trick we can send file
in messenger.. Thanks For Watching my video.Please Subscribe
my channel and Like, Comment,Share my video. Thanks..

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