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How To Send A Video In Facebook Messenger

Hello and welcome to KahindoTech. In this video, I will show you how to send a video to someone using Facebook Messenger It’s a pretty simple process and ah…let’s begin. To begin, let’s open Facebook Messenger Once you have to open go on the top of the screen, it says “Search”, tap that and then, tap on the name of the first person you would like to send this video to Ok, it will take you here now once you’re at this screen, if you see on the… Actually before we begin, there are two different ways you can send videos through Facebook and Facebook Messenger. One of the way is Taking the video right off as you’re about to send it. And the second way is sending a video that is already saved in your phone To send the…to send a video that you are just about to take you begin by If you can see on the…on the bottom of the screen. There is a plus sign, next to it there is a camera sign. Tap the camera sign. And as you can see, it tells you to record a video just hold…hold this white circle or To take a photo. Tap the white circle, we want to record a video. So we’ll do that by holding the white circle sending. I’m recording this video and the videos that you send like this they usually have like a limit of how long they can be. And this this red circle is telling you it’s about to run out and Then that’s how long of a video that you can send with Facebook Messenger ah…now that you have recorded the video, okay. Now the next step is to actually send this video to somebody. To do that, I’ll tap the the right pointing arrow So otherwise, if you don’t…let’s say you don’t like this video. Just tap the left putting arrow, and I hope you… It will let you retake video again. So let’s…retake the video again….remember hold the white Circle and Then it’s just taking the video. And as I told you, the red circle is showing you how much longer you have to take a video. So the rest of it…is just the length of the video that you’re allowed to take Say now, I like this video and I want to send it. If I want to send, I’ll tap the right pointing arrow And as you can see, it is sending Okay That’s how simple it is to send a video But remember there’s a second way to.. there was a video that I sent after just recording in my phone. You can also send a video that’s already saved in your phone. To do that. It’s basically the same steps again. If you see on the the bottom of the screen. There is a plus symbol, and there’s a camera symbol and And then the third option is some kind of a little picture Tap the third option from the left and then This menu pops up. If you look at the bottom, there’s a three by three grid Tap that it will take you to your photo gallery now if you can see, on the on the second row. The the third item. that’s the actual video. I can tell it’s a video by…because it shows you how long it is and As you can see, that says it’s 21 seconds long. So, if I want to send this video, I’ll just tap on it and then, it will say that I’ve selected. And if I have multiple videos to send I can just keep tapping another one…on other videos, that’s how you send them. To send this particular video So I’m just sending a single video. I’ll tap the right pointing arrow again and as you can see It’s sending the video okay, there it is. That’s the second that you can send videos in Facebook Messenger. If you liked the video, please like it. Ah.. hit the like button. And if you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below. If you want to get more videos like this, please subscribe to my channel. Thanks for watching.

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