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How To Replace or Raise a Sprinkler Head the Right Way

Hey guys, Ben with House in Progress. We’re going to show you how to raise some
sprinkler heads today. Probably a 2 out of 5 on our difficulty scale. Here we go. The first thing you have to do is take a look
at your old sprinkler head to make sure you know how high to raise it up. We think about 2 inches will do in our case. Then take your shovel out and slice about
4 inches into the ground around all 4 sides of the sprinkler head. As you do that, lift up on the shovel once
it’s in to break the bottoms of the roots so that it makes it easier to pull out. What we’re going for is one whole piece of
sod that we can pull out and then flip upside down on the lawn. This makes it easier to get out and get back
in again once we’re done with the job. Once you have that out you can take your shovel
and start digging the dirt out around the sprinkler head. Just be extra careful not to hit the sprinkler
line. Sometimes in tighter spaces this might be
easier to do with a hand shovel. We want to get deep enough so that we can
unscrew the sprinkler head and not get any dirt or mud into the sprinkler line. You can use a sprinkler riser just like this
one that allows you to cut off at different points depending on how high you need to raise
your sprinkler head. In our case, we think about 2 inches will
do and we’re going to use a Dremmel with a cutoff wheel to make that cut. You want to make it as smooth as possible
so that the finished product is as smooth as possible and we have a good connection
with the sprinkler head. Then go ahead and screw that on to the sprinkler
head. We’ve found the easiest way to do this is
to screw it on to the sprinkler head first then screw the whole assembly back onto the
sprinkler line. Once you have that all tight, you want to
make sure your sprinkler head is at the right orientation and perfectly vertical. Go ahead and pack the rest of the dirt and
mud in that you took out originally. Making sure that your sprinkler head stays
at the orientation that you want it the entire time. You can look at the dots on ours that show
the angle of the spray to make sure we’re pointed the right direction. We also had a small hole so the sprinkler
head could come up before. We want to take our hand shovel and make that
a little bigger. Since we raised the head up. Then you can take the sod and put it all in,
making sure to line your sprinkler head up with the hole we just cut, tucking in all
the edges as carefully as you can and then step on it to pack down the dirt underneath. It’s okay that this is higher than the rest
of the grass for now. This will settle naturally as you water it
and as time goes by. Then, do a final check to make sure the sprinkler
head is through the hole you cut and you can go ahead and turn the water on and make sure
that this is at the correct angle. As long as it is spraying over the grass you
should be good to go. Thanks for watching, we’ll see you next week.

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