How to repair a Silnylon Tent

okay senior hiker 77 I didn’t
know where the where to insert this clip but I need to take this tacocat
and put him in background of my video like so that’s all he wants to do is he
wants to be in your video whether you take him on a hike or just in the
background the only rule is whoever you pass it to the YouTube you pass it to
you need to identify so we can follow his journey now I’m sending this and
passing it on to sweeps atsectionhiking the ATand I’ll put her link down
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on too so that’s it let me stop the video that
I really did this video is about okay I got another short video I’m gonna keep
it really short lay down I want to do this is my 3F UL LanShan 2P tent I had it for I bought it from aliexpress in September of 2017
so if it’s now September 2019 I’ve had it two years and now it’s held up as
far as I could tell until a few weeks ago I was laying in my tent and happened
and night came in and we had a full moon and it happened to look up and I saw a
little pinhole right along the ridgeline he may not be able to see you can’t see it so I’m gonna shoot up B
roll here and now let you look at it now it been out every weekend just about
every weekend for two years so that’s uh at least a hundred times in some
weekends it’s longer than overnight it’s a like two or three nights
also on this sea2summit dry bag did I keep it in this the 13 liters sea2summit
dry bag that I keep my lanshan tent in and it’s just easy to put it in and I
noticed this one my wife patched a hole for me on her sewing machine but I
also noticed and you might be able to see this one here see right there
after it was all patched and I got to looking at it there’s another it’s not
all the way through yet but it’s soon soon to be see right there soon it’s
going to be all the way through so I thought what I did was I bought this
repair tape made byGear Aid I think of a $7 or 6.95 something like that I’ll put
it in the description if you’re interested in ordering some I
ordered the roll I ordered the roll because see comes in a roll like this
now what I’m gonna do I will take these scissors and I’m gonna whack me off or
cut me off a piece I guess about the size of a quarter and then I’m gonna cut
it up into 4 pieces and trim the ends of it to make it round now I’m not gonna
reposition this camera and let me see how I cut it cut it all out but I have
already already taken care of that and and this is this is what it looks like
this one here now I made two because then for some reason it tells me do it
on one side and then do it on the other but I’ll put up the I’ll insert the
picture so you can see the tent and see the summit to summit bag I’m gonna repair both of
them and one on one on each side and then I’m gonna come back and let you
look at okay how did you back let me tell you
what the hardest was about this repair was getting backing off the tape thank goodness hey in the shop we use
these exacto tools a pin you need a pin or something to prick it and pull it off
but that was the hardest part but anyway it stuck on here I don’t know
if you can see it or not but I’ve got it stuck on there let’s see if I can get
the light on it just right but anyway it stuck right there and then the one on
the sea to summit bag you know you can see that a little better but I got the
transparent tape anyway that’s how to repair a silnylon tent and a dry bag
from seatosummit if it doesn’t hold up out bring you up to date on it

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