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How to Raise Children – Jacque Fresco | London Real

Now you can search for new episodes by subject Matter at London Real TV brought to you by Squarespace the all-in-one platform we use at London Real [can] you tell us about the venus project as some of our listeners don’t know I don’t know about it And I know something about it, but I don’t know everything about it. That’s fair enough. [I] would say that Children if you get them to Join the Mickey Mouse club you damage their brains They do have big things like that in America the Mickey mouse club And then they tell her that cinderella touch a white mouse in the turned into a horse If you bring up kids with all of that sort of stuff [you] [damage] their brain and by the time there’s certain age They speak a certain way. I want a balloon and you think they’re original [they’re] not they’re saying the same things other kids have having children is a pain in the butt Because they have nothing new to say you have to wipe their behind take them to the bathroom You [have] to make sandwiches [for] them pack their lunch for school, and you can’t talk to them till I develop a language So the language they develop I wanna be trained Daddy when my kid came to me your kids read Daddy the wheel came off my car if you Understand the grammar of motives the question is when I hand me that car. He was saying fix it When he said the wheel came off. He was saying fix it, so I took the wheel and looked at the Mini car and I said I’ll get you toy cars for babies with a wheels own come off and I threw it in the garbage And I picked up my magazine. I was watching it that low life goes on So what’s the matter since you throw it away? I said I’ll catch a baby toys where the wheels don’t come off He says maybe I can fix it. So I grabbed [it] and gave a jewel and he’s sitting on the counter took three minutes He got it together, then I picked him up so how did you do that? [he’s] a daddy. I’m not that little and If you say here, let daddy fix it let Mommy fix it. Yep reduce a blob Do you understand what I’m saying are you saying [that] it’s an education issue with yes, it is everything is okay And you’re saying [the] venus [project] [is] all about from the very beginning. How what shapes human behavior okay today? They say this man [is] good this man is autistic this man is gifted all Bullshit all lies have nothing to do with the real world There’s no such thing as a gifted person a person is very creative has been exposed to a great deal of situations In other ways of [-] you just lived in Weehawken County, Pennsylvania And you never left that you’re a Wee hawk at night But if you live in different communities like when Americans go to Germany they go to the American club You don’t get the feel of the german family, so I’m saying when you travel try to live with Polynesians try to get the feel of the culture you don’t do that if you go to the American club So the venus project encourages this kind of the venus project Encourage you to work [with] your children to give them the best of knowledge You’re able to give them in other words parents don’t know how [to] raise children They won’t let a human being touch a turbojet engine let’s say go to school for many years Raising [a] human being is very complex if [you’re] lutheran I say you don’t play with that Little Catholic boy. [I’m] poisoning you I’m Damaging your behavior. Do you know me now if a person learns how to say three words which are very difficult I don’t know I? Usually ask people do you think we’ll ever get to the moon now not in a thousand years? I said have you studied rockets now if you [study] [space] travel no Do you know anything about the moon no, but I believe everyone’s have a right to their own opinion [that’s] [the] worst thing you can do give people the right to [the] [wrong] opinion In other words a way if you have a sister, and she lives a cost away from me now I see [10] guys coming out of her apartment. [I] can have all kinds of opinions right She can be a language instructor a ballet instructor an art instructor. So the answer is I don’t know she does Not I think you’re right. [you] [know] [chuck] do you do not feel that we need Mental heuristics and stereotypes to help us make our way through the world because if we [do] [we] need formulas we need understanding in other words When I work with kids I give them seeds they put it in the ground and they water it and they depend on the sunlight And they know that the seed of itself cannot grow and when the first shoot comes up since they can’t write I happen to draw pictures of the first shoot coming up and I say now I want you to block the sun I ask the kids to do that they block the sun and the plant begins to Shrivel [I] say take the blockage way, it comes back again. Stop the watering it swivels again So they understand that the plant of itself cannot grow neither can a human being if you raise a human being in a gray ball and feed it and wipe their behind take care of them and Let them out when they’re 17 they’re drooling idiots So you’re for practical learning you want to put people in in the [dependence] [on] learning only okay? Because when you talk [about] certain things [the] kid thinks in [terms] of his own background doesn’t hear what you say so in the future all Education will show visuals of exactly what you got in mind, how parts go together? How the pavement turns up so no car can hit a kid people say I care I have feelings But what is your recommendation? Don’t take my word for anything. I say, but ask anyone running for political office Say, how can you prevent war? [I] don’t [know] it has always been more there’ll always be wars How can you increase the agricultural Yield [I]? Don’t know. I don’t know I’m [not] in agriculture. What do you know? Most politicians know nothing, please don’t take my word for it ask them We take real pride in our websites and who we work with on the show and those are the guys at Squarespace They’ve been running our website London real TV and our silicon real [comm] for over a year now, and they are an all-in-one platform to make it fast and easy to build your own Professional website or Portfolio these guys have the tech down. It’s drag-and-drop It is easy I used to run a [wordpress] site and I used to have to FTP audio files and all this nonsense [and] now when you see these blogs that I write every week where I talk to you about my personal Impressions of the Guest I literally just bust those out drop the picture in boom and it’s done

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33 thoughts on “How to Raise Children – Jacque Fresco | London Real

  1. Stealing money from people via NASA to make rockets and big telescopes for peoples hobbies while people are starving, is the reality of this system.

  2. This guy seriously just sounds like a gibbering old fool a lot of the time. What am I missing here =/ He lapses into what appears to be wisdom then immediately says something incredibly narrow-minded, juvenile or just plain stupid.

  3. What a fucking fruitcake!  This is the "genius" who is going to change world through his "perfect" system?  HAHAHAHAHA!

  4. the venus projects MUST be achieved we need to rid this monetary system and rebuild 2016 is the time for change stop your videos stop your speeches and make change all those who say they are anon its time to change the system and not sit back on computers 2016 change the system "hack this message to the world anons"
    if change is truly what we seek it is what we will find

  5. I don't always agree with Jacque Fresco but I'm on the same page with him on raising children, hands on education and his take on politicians 🙂

  6. Be careful guys!!!! It looks like the idea of communism-socialism which was introduced by others jews. It brought a lot of suffering. He is a jew!!!!

  7. yeah, so i'm gonna take advice on how to raise my children from a man who's son got tired of his dad's hippie utopian communism and went to war and died as a soldier. right….

  8. For too many years, I fell into the trap of doing too many things for my kids, instead of letting them figure things out for themselves. I guess I thought I was being helpful, but I found out later, when they were teenagers that they didn't know how to do anything for themselves or how to solve their own problems because they didn't have much practice at it. That's when I started encouraging them to fix things and solve their own problems. Sometimes I'm afraid that I took too long to learn that lesson, leaving them with not enough practice or interest in solving their own problems.

  9. Did he say that people shouldn't be given the rights to have their own opinions? So we all have to be of a hive mind mentality and can't think for ourselves? Technocracy at its best!! For those of u who don't know what technocracy is, its a society governed by an unelected elite group of technical experts….won't be for the greater good of us serfs

  10. Losing a right to opinion at first glance seems cruel, but here are 2 reasons why its not.

    1. You don't even have a right to opinion to begin with, because rights don't exist.
    In RBE there are no laws, so nobody would take your "right to opinion" away, but you wouldn't be told you have it either. Nobody would bullshit you into thinking you have some god given "right" to anything.

    2. Giving opinions means not to know answer, and thus give someone false information. It basically means "I don't know, but i am ashamed to say 'i don't know', so i will pull something out of my ass."
    In RBE people would be taught scientific method: hypothesis > evidence > scientific theory. What you will tell instead of "opinion" to people will be hypothesis. This is my hypothesis, meaning: "I don't know, but based on all I do know, i guess its this"

    Hypothesis is different to opinion because it is a part of scientific process; automatically upon being made its clashed with evidence. If hypothesis is proven false, its dismissed. On other hand, opinion demand no such testing. Opinion is like a fart, comes and goes, being just a worthless nuisance.

    Thus what Fresco is saying with "Its worst thing to give someone right to their opinion" is "Its worst thing to teach kids to say destructive, poor-thought, worthless words and not have any responsibility over them because they are just an 'opinion', instead of giving testable hypothesis, ready to be put into chain of scientific method, where they will be either proven right or called bullshit."

  11. I always ask people why the hell do you expect another president to fix shit just because they won a popularity contest? They don't know anything let alone how to fix shit

  12. Watch the Full Episode of Jacque Fresco on London Real for FREE only at

  13. Jacque is wrong about there not being talented kids. Some kids just have an easy time learning things. Some kids learn things differently. We aren't all the same.

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