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How to Pick a Great Beach Vacation Destination

How to Pick a Great Beach Vacation Destination. Do you want to hit the beach for your vacation
this year? Pick the ideal spot to lay out your blanket. You will need Knowledge of what you want and
internet access. Step 1. Determine whether your beach vacation will
include a family, a couple, friends, or whether you’ll be traveling solo. Consider choosing a spot that caters especially
to couples, families, or solo travelers. Step 2. Pick the activities for your vacation. Go snorkeling at St. Andrew’s State Park or
Tunnels Beach in Kauai, Hawaii. Hike on nature trails at Hunting Island State
Park in Beaufort, South Carolina, or Torrey Pines State Park in San Diego, California. Consider going deep-sea fishing for one of
your activities on your beach vacation. Step 3. Enjoy the nightlife by visiting the restaurants,
casinos, nightclubs, and shops at South Beach in Miami, Florida or San Juan, Puerto Rico. Step 4. Choose a beach where the waves are the best
if you’re into surfing. Waimea Bay Beach Park in Oahu, Hawaii, has
giant winter waves. Step 5. Swim and sunbathe. Tunnels Beach and Pensacola Beach offer clean
beaches with crystal clear water. Beaches throughout Hawaii and the Caribbean
boast perfect 75-degree water temperature. Step 6. Book your hotel and flight online after you
have picked your perfect beach paradise. Happy travels. Did you know Hawaii officially became the
50th state in the United States of America in 1959.

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