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How to Pack & Stay Safe on a Hike : How to Protect your Family from Danger When Hiking

Hi, I’m Kevin speaking on behalf of Expert
Village on hiking. One of the funnest things that you can do is to go with your kids and
your wife hiking. It’s a great time to share laughs and giggles, it’s a great time to talk,
sometimes you end up talking about things that you normally wouldn’t talk about just
because you’re out in God’s beautiful nature. But there are a few things to watch our for.
I remember one time heading a direction and my son had run way ahead of us, he was so
exited he wanted to explore ahead of us and tell us all the wonderful things that were
coming up for us to see. Putting him out of our mind, we knew we would meet him up at
a bend in a hiking trail and that’s where he was suppose to meet us, but my daughter
was now the leader you see, and she loved being the leader of the hiking party. She
would show us every little deviation that we needed to make around the trail and keep
going and she was really feeling good about it and all the sudden out of the woods this
load mighty crash and she almost pasted out and who was it of course, my son trying to
scare us. What I’m illustrating by telling that is really if you’re the parent, you’re
the guardian, you go first because there could be dangers out there that you certainly would
not want your children to encounter before you did. You would want to see if there was
a dangerous animal, you would want to see if there was a rock slide, you would want
to see if there were dangerous plants, poison ivy, thorns, all kinds of things coming up,
loose soil that they might slip on.

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