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hey what’s up we ran to here with REI
once you’ve gathered all your stuff for backpacking it’s time to pack it into
your bag there is a method to the madness here and a well packed bag is
going to feel a lot lighter than a poorly packed bag so let’s talk about
the best way to do that so I’ve everything laid out here based on where
it is going to live in my pack starting with the stuff that goes on the bottom
so on the bottom of your bag it’s a good idea to carry the lighter items and the
fluffier items so that for most people is gonna be your sleeping bag your
sleeping bag basically creates this pillow on your lumbar where the heavy
items can sit on top this is because you just don’t want anything super heavy and
dense and your low back so that’s gonna be really painful as you’re hiking
around so my sleeping bag and sleeping pad and whole sleep system will live in
the bottom of my pack some people also choose to put their sleep clothes
towards the bottom and some packs or and have a whole separate compartment for
this let’s go ahead and load it up sweet so now that I have my sleeping system on
the bottom of my pack we’re gonna work on the middle of my pack so the middle
is a good spot to carry all those heavier bulkier items because that’s
where they’re gonna feel lightest on your back it’s basically a good center
point for your back and so by putting those items in that middle section there
you create the most strength within your pack without having it be painful and
your shoulders are on your low back so for me those are going those heavier
items are gonna be my bear canister just full of food and then my cook kit and
stove the pot my water filter and as well as my bowl I also like to take my
extra clothes that I’m not going to need on trail and stuff them into the gaps in
the middle of my pack just to create a denser system that’s not gonna move
around while I’m hiking let’s go ahead and pack that up okay so that brings us to the top of my
pack I like to keep my tent towards the top of the main compartment of my bag
because I like to go to get to that quickly in case the weather changes some
people will choose to strap their tent to the outside of their bag or to put it
towards the bottom this was totally up to personal preference I just like to
have it near the top so I have my tent separated out by the rain fly the tent
poles and the body of the tent and then I actually keep the stakes and the
guylines in this bag with my first aid kit
I like to put the poles down the side on the inside of my pack but you can always
choose to strap them to the outside again personal preference one more thing
I want to add is that I have a reservoir in here that was already in my pack
before I started loading anything up it’s a good idea to put your reservoir
full of water into your pack first so you’re not trying to finagle it in with
all of your gear so that’s already in my bag and that actually does it for what
goes on the inside of my pack so go ahead and close it up awesome let’s talk
about the pockets so I have a variety of things here that I put in pockets in
different pockets on the outside of my pack so first I keep my water bottle for
filtering water on the outside of my pack in one of the pockets and then in
the other pocket I like to keep my poop kit as well as my bear spray so it’s
easily accessible and then I keep my headlamp as well as my first-aid kit in
the top lid of my pack so I can get to it in case I get hurt on trail and I
keep my shoes stuffed in the outside of my pack those also doubles water shoes
for me in case there’s a stream crossing so I like to keep them accessible and
then I’ll sometimes strap them to the outside of my bag if they do get wet and
the last thing is that I keep an extra layer or warmth layers or rain depending
on the weather in the outside of my pack as well in this pocket
sometimes called the shovel pocket again just so I have something I can get to
quickly in case the weather turns let’s load it up the final things about keep on the
outside of my pack are my cell phone which also doubles as my camera and some
trail snacks I just keep those in the hip belt pocket so I can get to them
quickly especially if I want to take pictures while I’m hiking the one other
thing I forgot to mention here is carrying your wallet or carrying your
keys with you some packs will have a separate pocket that has a key fob
I just keep that stuff where you can access it when you’re done with your
hike but where it’s not going to get lost while you’re hiking hey spork so that does it for everything that’s
inside my pack I do also have some lash points on the exterior that I’m not
currently using but I might use depending on type of type that I’m doing
so if you’re hiking on snow and need to carry crampons with you or an ice axe
you can use these daisy chains or lash points on the exterior to attach stuff
to your pack you also what I have these loops for my trekking poles so I’m
carrying trekking poles I’ll attach those to the exterior I don’t personally
really like to have a lot of stuff on the outside I pack if I can avoid it so
up to personal preference sometimes people will like to have you know things
like hand sanitizer or shoes or pillows or whatever attach the outside of the
pack up to personal preference one really common thing is that if you’re
carrying a closed cell foam pad you can strap it to the bottom of your bag so if
I were carrying one of those that’s what I would do as well so that about does it
for how to pack your bag if you’re curious about everything that I packed
inside here you can check out our backpacking checklist here or any other
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