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How to Make PERFECT Mexican Rice

hi everyone its serene with a house of
Yumm and today I’m showing you how I make homemade Mexican rice this rice
comes out incredibly fluffy and so flavorful if you follow this recipe step
by step and you listen to all the directions and do all the tiny little
tips and tricks along the way you’re gonna end up with the fluffiest most
flavorful Mexican rice you’ve ever had which makes this the perfect side dish
for all of your favorite Mexican or tex-mex meal to start let’s heat one
tablespoon of oil in our large skillet once the oil is heated we can add one
cup of long grain white rice stir it around until the rice is completely
coated with the oil and this is the point where you can add any extras that
you’re wanting to add I’m going to add some large chunks of onion to mine for
the flavor and they’re big enough that I can pick them out later stir this around
and let it cook you’ll notice that the rice is starting to turn really white
and we want to keep cooking until our rice starts to look toasted you can see
little brown specks in here and now we add the water since we’re making one cup
of rice we’re adding two cups of water make sure at this point you still have
your heat on medium-high and now we can add our seasoning I’m going to be using
two teaspoons of the chicken bouillon followed by two teaspoons of the tomato
Bouillon go ahead and whisk that all together so that all of the rice gets
coated in that wonderful seasoning and now we want to bring this mixture to a
boil let the rice boil for about two to three minutes and then we will cover it
with a lid and turn our heat to low and now that the rice has been boiling I’m
going to place the lid on and I’m going to keep the lid on I’m not going to
remove it while this rice is cooking once the lid is on turn the heat down to
low and we’re going to let the rice cook for about twenty minutes
undisturbed once it’s been cooking I’m gonna jiggle the lid here so I can see
through that’s why I love this glass lid so I can see the rice and I can see that
there’s no liquid left I’m going to turn the heat off and I’m still going to
leave the lid on I’m gonna let the rice sit for another 10 minutes once that’s
done then I can take the lid off and we can behold this beautiful Mexican rice
go ahead and stir it and fluff it up at this point and that’s it simple ingredients but it
all comes down to the method so again you want to make sure that you are
cooking your rice until it gets toasted you’re going to add twice the amount of
liquid as you use fries when I keep the heat medium high while you add the
liquid in bring that to a boil and let the rice cook for a few minutes put the
lid on turn the heat to low and let it sit and cook for 20 minutes undisturbed
do not lift the lid once that 20 minutes has passed give it a little peek through
the lid don’t open it make sure all the liquid is on turn the
heat off keep the lid on let it cool for about 10 minutes and then you can fluff
it up I guarantee this will meet you the best fluffiest rice ever I hope you
enjoyed this recipe if you did make sure you give me a thumbs up hit that
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