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How to Make an Android Messenger App (In 3 Minutes!!)

*Intro* Hello Guys! This is The Technophile Gamer and today I will be showing you the method of creating your own messaging app, like Whatsapp. To create this, first of all, you have to write the following url (, in the following field, in any web browser. Press Enter. Wait for the website to load. Click the Create Now button! Click on the ‘Messenger’ Option ! When the page is loaded.. Click on next ! Wait for the preview to load! Choose the desired customization! I’ll go with the default settings Click on Next ! Then, you’ll have to name your app! I’ll write Technophile Messenger Click Next! We can leave the description empty! After that, You have to choose an icon for your app! I’ll go with the default icon Finally, Click on Create ! Wait for the new page to load! After that, It’ll ask you to sign up! (It hardly takes a minute) I have created my account, so I’ll click on login. Then, I’ll login! Click on Submit ! As you can see, your messaging app has been created! Click on the DOWNLOAD button to download your app! If you want to share this app with your friends, copy the link and give it to your friend! Now, I’ll show you the tutorial of this app! *Sorry for bad audio* To install the app on your phone, you’ll have to copy it to your phone and click on it! You’ll see a screen like this! Click on Install! *Wait for the app to get installed* Click on Open! Well, that’s it! You have created your own Android Messaging App ! So, that’s all for today, hope you guys liked it! If you’re interested in these kind of videos, make sure to subscribe to my channel! Until next time, Goodbye ! *Please Subscribe to My Channel* *Outro*

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