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How To Lose 10 LBS of Weight In A Month || CHALLENGE

Hello, Infographics fans- once more we’re
concerned about your health. Obesity rates are finally starting to come
down across America, but while the Battle of the Bulge may have started here in the
USA, it has spread around the world. Today modern nations are all battling obesity
as our overprivileged first world lifestyles make life easy and convenient. All that convenience comes at a cost though,
and while the world may have laughed and snickered at the US’s weight problems, now it’s them
eating a double-serving of humble pie as populations all over earth are having to add a few extra
holes to their belts. But what can you do to help keep your weight
down, and what if you want to start losing weight? Once more we’re tasking your favorite, and
our least important guinea pig with finding out in this special Challenge episode of The
Infographics Show: lose ten pounds in one month! Day 1: It feels so bizarre to say this, but
thank God for a normal challenge for once. I mean by comparison losing ten pounds in
one month is a cakewalk- or a… healthy-alternative-to-cake-walk rather. At least compared to wearing makeup in public,
telling absolutely zero lies for a week, or walking on your hands for thirty days. And no, that last one isn’t some secret challenge
episode the Infographics Show is waiting to release, I’m just making a point about the
level of insanity the producers over at Infographics Central have been cooking up for the last
year. Not gonna lie, this challenge even feels a
little necessary. As most of you know by now I run some of these
challenges concurrently because the Infographics Show sadly realized that there just isn’t
enough months in the year to torture me with. Typically the challenges don’t overlap as
far as their effects, but let’s just say that the last few challenges have had me vegging
out a lot and well, the pounds have crept up on me. That probably doesn’t make any sense for our
younger Youtube audience that routinely sits on the couch playing Fortnite and devouring
sodas and bags of chips all day long without gaining a pound, but just wait until you approach
your late twenties and early thirties. Oh man, you have such a rude awakening coming
up. Enjoy your blissful ignorance of calories
while you can. So even though this challenge seems pretty
easy, it’s going to hit me hard because if there’s one thing I hate it’s dieting. I don’t eat terrible food all too often, but
when I get a craving, I want it and I want it now. And for the next thirty days I’m not allowed
to touch anything that will add a single extra calorie to my diet. I decided that I would try four different
meal plans for the next month, one each week, and record my weight loss and maybe get an
idea of which worked best. For the first week I’m going to go on a largely
liquid diet, which means a lot of juices and smoothies and as little solid food as possible. That’s going to make for some fun poops- he
said very ironically. For the second week I’m going to go all-vegetable,
and right now I’m going to tell you that I’m considering this my hell week. It’s not that I don’t like vegetables, it’s
that they are C-Span level boring. For the third week I’m gonna try something
a little less drastic and instead stick with fish, vegetables, and fruits, limiting the
bread and pasta that I eat- and I’m a big fan of both of the latter. Finally for the fourth week I’m just going
to let the girlfriend cook her heart out and eat whatever she makes. I can tell this challenge really excited her
and as I was making up my plans she looked about ready to burst, practically begging
me to let her take over one of the weeks. I’ll be recording my weight loss, how I feel,
and my thoughts about what I’m eating. Spoiler alert: I’m probably going to hate
all of it. End of Week 1: This was the juice and smoothie
week, and when I weighed myself tonight I found that I lost 2.9 pounds. I’ve read that weight loss and dieting is
more a state of mind than a physical act, and individuals who stick to a plan where
they lose one to two pounds a week tend to continue successfully dieting. I guess that’s because whatever plan they
are on, it’s one that they can live with as opposed to something really drastic and flat-out
unbearable. In that regard, I guess I’m pulling slightly
ahead of the curve. I mostly drank juices and smoothies, but I
did have a few regular meals in between because I’m not an animal. On date night I had a pretty big dinner, and
halfway through the week I made pasta for both me and the girlfriend so that definitely
pushed the calories- but I guess all of that juice and smoothie drinking paid off and counteracted
the weight gain. As far as doing this long-term, unless you’re
a big juice person I’m not sure that it’s totally realistic. I tend to get very bored with juices, and
when I make my own smoothies I always get yelled at by the girlfriend for adding way
too much sugar- she says I’m making milkshakes, not smoothies, but I’ve just never been a
huge fruit person myself and I need something extra to help it along. Physically I feel… fine. Although I’m not going to lie, liquid diets
really leave me craving solid food. The first few days it was all I could do to
keep myself from rushing to the nearest burger joint and eating myself into cardiac arrest. One week down though, see you guys in seven
days. End of week 2: Several special operations
military training programs have a period of time referred to as ‘hell week’. This is typically close to the end of your
training and its when you are pushed to your mental and physical limits, and then right
over them and far beyond anything you thought you were capable of. Or you just get washed out, one of the two. This last week was my hell week. Vegetables are my Everest. So for the entire week I ate nothing but vegetables,
just to see what the difference would be between the different diets. I included fruits in there as well because
I’m not a total maniac, but for the most part lunch and dinner were vegetarian. It’s not that vegetables are terrible tasting,
they really aren’t, it’s just that they’re… well, vegetables. I mean, I don’t know, there’s something deep
in my programming that says vegetables don’t compute- I don’t need to eat meat all the
time, but my brain refuses to believe that vegetables alone are enough to satisfy hunger. I can literally fill my stomach until it’s
bursting and my brain will absolutely not acknowledge the fact that hunger has been
full sated. But if I eat even just a moderate helping
of pasta or something… non-vegetable, then my brain is like, “oh ok cool yeah that’s
enough to fill us up.” I lost 3.5 pounds this week, but the entire
week I felt physically weak and emaciated. Vegetables are amazingly nutritious and full
of vitamins and energy and all that crap- but as far as my body is concerned I might
as well have been eating cardboard. Even my performance during my regular work
outs was far worse than before, and I’m starting to think it was all mental. It’s like a car with a governor on it that
keeps it from going faster than 55- green beans are my governor, and keep my physical
energy in the pits. Or maybe it’s just that by feeding it nothing
but vegetables every day, my body simply found no reason to continue living and wanted to
throw in the towel. I don’t know, but I do know that going strict
vegetarian is impossible for me. Two weeks down, two to go. End of week 3: I guess this week I was what
you would call a pescatarian, or someone who adds fish and seafood to a normal vegetarian
diet. Of the three diets so far, this was the most
palatable, and I actually feel pretty decent after losing 2.1 pounds. I’ve never been a huge fan of seafood, but
fish filets is pretty close to real meat and I think it really helped make the entire experience
more livable. Then there’s the fact that I was allowed to
eat shrimp and clams, and while I’m not a big fan of seafood overall, I love shrimp
and clams. On date night me and the girlfriend went to
eat sushi since it was one of the few options that are allowed in the rules and everything
else was just basically fried fish or shrimp or whatever. I happen to like sushi, which is weird because
I know it’s starting to sound dubious when I keep saying that I don’t like seafood, but
I really don’t- yet sushi is… different. Maybe I just don’t like cooked seafood, which
would make sense considering my brain’s very weird positions on different foodstuffs. Tuna steak? No thank you, gross and fishy. Tuna roll? Yes please, straight into my tummy. Anyways, this week wasn’t so bad, but it was
by no means enjoyable. I miss desserts, and there’s literally nothing
that makes you want a nice big piece of cake less than after-dinner fish burps. But I guess maybe that’s the point. End of Week 4: Hallelujah the end is here. Four weeks of insane diets finally done, and
with this week’s weight loss of 1.8 pounds, I’ve officially hit the goal of 10.3 pounds
lost. So this was the week that I let the girlfriend
take over my meal planning, and I really hate to admit it but she made this last week the
most bearable of all. There were no gimmicks this week, instead
I basically just ate what she already eats on a daily basis. The focus was not on sticking to specific
foodstuffs or not eating groups of things, but rather on portion control. We ate pretty much the same things we would
normally eat- with the exception of breakfast. Typically she eats bowls of fruit and I make
myself a bowl of sugary cereal or scrambled eggs- but this week she had me eating fruit
one day, and then a moderate portion of what I wanted the next. For lunch and dinner we stayed away from red
meat and ate a lot of chicken and pork, but the difference is we focused on smaller, more
appropriately sized portions. I even got desserts! Within reason of course, and all of them low-fat
or sugar-free, which is fine because after weeks of hell even sugar free ice cream tastes
delicious to me. My mood was pretty good the whole week, probably
better than it’s been all month to be honest because I wasn’t focused on some gimmicky
diet that was making me miserable. Instead I got to eat things I legitimately
enjoy, even if the portions weren’t quite as satisfying as I wish they would have been. I think that’s the hardest part about portion
control- having the self-control to limit yourself to only eat what you should, instead
of stuffing your face until you burst. My weight loss this week was the least of
all the weeks, but I feel like it was the healthiest, and it was definitely the most
satisfying. Realistically speaking, I could see myself
doing this successfully for weeks at a time, but eating nothing but fish or vegetables
or juices is all but impossible. It might not have gotten the biggest results,
but it was definitely the diet most likely to stick. And it left me feeling the best afterwards. For anyone following at home, I highly recommend
portion control- and of course, exercise. You’re just not going to lose much weight
on dieting alone, and I wouldn’t have hit my goals without it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to physically
dive into a man-sized chocolate lava cake to celebrate the loss of ten pounds I’m about
to immediately put back on. What kind of diet do you think would be best
for you? What crazy diets have you tried? Let us know in the comments! And as always if you enjoyed this video don’t
forget to like, Share, and Subscribe for more great content!

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100 thoughts on “How To Lose 10 LBS of Weight In A Month || CHALLENGE

  1. i Dont diet I just eat raw vegan and that's it. I lost more than 30 lbs in less than a month was at 160 lbs now I'm at 125 lbs.

  2. How did you know I sit all day playing fortnite I don’t drink soda and eat chips I rarely drink seven up and seven up only

  3. I've lost 10 lbs in a month several times, and once lost 20 lbs in a month and a half.
    None of the diets mentioned are necessary, just a caloric deficit. High intensity interval training (HIIT), in combination with this, can help you lose fat twice as fast as you otherwise would. The way I do HIIT is by alternating between walking and sprinting. Sprint as fast as you can until you run out of energy, then walk at a comfortable pace until you've caught you're breath. Repeat.

  4. I am 13 and I hate fortnight kids now a days need to get out side more sure I play a few video games but I controll it

  5. There must be something wrong this guy named Fetty he is from the Braile skateboarding and he broke his jaw and they went through all the procedures to get him better and he had to have a liquid diet and he said he lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks but the guy in the infographics staff lost 10 pounds in a month

  6. I've lost 82 pounds in 6 month and still losing strong. All I did is start counting calories and moving a bit more. It's all about calories in vs calories out. I didn't go all salads or something. I still eat pizzas and have iceacream once in a while. If you're otherwise healthy (no diabetes and such), you could lose weight on McDonald only. You wouldn't be healthy very long, but you'd still lose weight.

  7. This is the second challenge video where the same guy mentioned he did the "No Lying For A Week" challenge, but I can't find any video of it on YouTube. Where is it?

  8. I've been replacing my meals with Soylent with a few slices of ham. I can't seem to get away from eating ham or seafood, but I always look forward to continuing a meal in a glass.

  9. Eating reasonable portions prevents and counteracts obesity.
    A person can only gain as much weight as they eat and drink, fat is not a mystical force.
    Consuming animal corpses and drinking their babies breastmilk is as weird as it is pervasively conditioned.
    Water is the best choice that can be made, acquiescing to consumer manipulation marketing is the worst.

  10. Although A 10 Pound Loss In A Month Is Doable, The Weekly Reported Number Of Pounds (AKA: Water Weight) Lost, Tell Me You Were Overweight, To Begin With…Hmm–The Factor Is To Keep From Regaining Your Weight.–Just The Facts…Jack!!

  11. Impossible challenge for next time: Don’t mention your girlfriend or your time in the military for one entire video

  12. Tax every calorie and gram of fat. Take that money and use it to fund public health care. Healthier food becomes cheaper, unhealthy food becomes expensive. People who choose to eat unhealthily will end up using public health care more than those who eat healthy, ergo they should be forced to pay more into the system with a sin tax. Just like cigarettes.
    Poor people should not be the fattest. That just makes no sense from a survival point of view.

  13. Do Atkins with exercise and you'll lose 20 lbs a month. I was doing cardio 3 times a week. I lost 5 pounds a week, but would gain 3 pounds on my cheat day. I really pigged out that day. If I was stricter I'd lose 20 lbs instead of 8 per month. And once I was done as long as I keep working out, which grew to alternating between cardio and weight training 6 days a week my wight stayed the same regardless of what I ate. Exercise is key to keeping the weight off. Now I do cardio, Strength training and then a break day, rinse and repeat. Every three cycles I take two days off. I find this allows for better recovery.

  14. People are over weight… When confronted with the problem, it's body image shaming… Because they can't deal with reality that they are overweight.

  15. 0:32 if you add extra holes to your belt it means you are skinny. They don't leave much room on a belt to add extra holes if you are fat.

  16. Guys pls tell me how this is possible
    I'm a 12 year old boy who's 80kg and I played the sport judo for 4 months and lost 2 kg
    My body is amazing

  17. I tried a tuna, sugerfree yoghurt and uncooked eggs with protein powder smoothies or eggs for a month and lost 22 pounds while barely exercising.. can’t recommend it tho had no energy

  18. Fruit is sweet, why do you need sugar in a fruit smoothie? Use less sugar each time and you'll get use to it and you can have a healthy smoothie. Also of course only veggies and some fruit will make you weak, it's not enough calories. You need nuts, seeds, legumes, pulses

  19. lol 10 pounds? I lost 24 in a month eating nothing but 900 calories of protein a day, 75 pounds overall. 10 pounds my first week. 6 months later ive kept it off!

  20. Maybe it's not because we live in a 1 world nation ? Plenty of poor people are fat, reason being is that it's cheaper eating from fast food place than eating healthy. Yeah it's actually cheap to get stuff to make a salad, but u can't have salad every day not to mention plenty of poor people don't have cars so they order pizza alot

  21. next challenge: upgrade "the girlfriend" to "the wife". She was featured in this video as much as you, she needs a promotion.

  22. 10 pounds is easy man. Try the one meal a day method or intermittent fasting. Cut out sugar and simple carbs and no sugary drinks. Stick to mainly lean meat, veggies and SOME complex carbs but don't overdo it. Also, NO DAIRY. None at all. Dairy is a killer and is really pretty bad for athletic performance. Also do cardio and weight train 4 days a week. Bam. I have lost almost 20 pounds in a month and a half and retained all my muscle mass. It's all about consistancy and dedication. Diets don't work, lifestyle changes do. I have switched to the one meal a day diet (more or less) and will have a protien shake after I workout and at dinner time I eat one big meal with about 1200 calories or so. If I absolutely have to eat later I will have another protien shake. It is a bit rough for about a week but your body gets used to it pretty fast and your cravings go away. I feel amazing now, tons more energy I never feel bloated or uncomfortable and I have notice some serious changes in my physique (getting pretty ripped way faster than I ever have before).

  23. Most of the Indian are vegetarian and we love to eat veggies because we make vegetables very tasty with spices.

  24. 10 pounds a month is easy. 1200 calories a day, don't even bother exercising, just count calories. lots of vegetables, play video games.

  25. I think the healthier, most sustainable way is the week 4 approach,rather than sticking to one diet and forcing yourself to stop eating certain foods

  26. I lost 15lbs doing this diet I called "The 4 o'clock diet"

    You eat a big breakfast & lunch, no snacks in between. Then nothing to eat after 4 o'clock. Also, you have to eat at a specific time; but you can still eat almost whatever you want.

    I don't recommend a lot of carbs, tho. What I did was have 1 or 2 slices of bread at breakfast; no bread, rice or pasta at lunch (if I did, it was a small portion vs the portion of veggies & chicken).

    If you do get hungry after 4 or in between meals, I recommend 1 fruit, or a small salad. Something light & quick to digest.

    I also recommend drinking a lot of water or drink only water, as it's going to help you flush out your digestive system. I also recommend a fruit smoothie at breakfast; don't add sugar, but if you must add something, use honey.

    Any drinks like juice, lemonade, soda isn't going to help since it has a lot of sugar.

  27. You spend too much time focusing on your personal beliefs (& in other videos it's all about your political views repeatedly being mentioned). This is totally distracting from the content itself. It also ranks your channel right in with the much hated mainstream media.

  28. The video isn't effective using the graphics without seeing the before and after of the actual guy doing the challenge.

  29. I'm glad it's not just me I struggle to lose weight because I just don't feel full after fruit and veg and I actually really like them but for my stomach to stop hurting I need bread or pasta.

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