How To Lift Your Rear Wheel | Mountain Bike Skills

– This is a really important skill but it’s one that really
frustrates a lot of people. But you’re gonna need to take your riding to the very next level. This is how to pick up your back wheel. It’s the hardest but most
important part of a bunny hop. It’s key for riding light on the bike and not smashing the rear wheel. And it’s what you need
to ride technical terrain as fast as possible. Elevating your wheels will let you ride harder trails. Lastly it’s key for jumping properly. There’s two ways of doing
this, though both work but one is better than the other and it’s gonna help you the most when it comes to getting
really good at riding. First method, is pick up your feet and this is a clipped in feet. If you pull with the
feet, the pedals follow and hey presto the wheel
comes of the ground. But why do I think this
isn’t the best way? Because you only pick
up the rear wheel a bit. You’re gonna run out of bend in the legs and then that’s it. You might have lifted the rear wheel but your weight is now directly above it. Land that rear tyre on a slippy route and it could be a disaster. Lastly when it comes to
jumping, it’s really gonna limit how good you are. Once you pick up the rear
wheel and run out of room, your rear tyre almost hits
your bum, that’s all the height you’re gonna get. You come up short, you’re stuffed. Check out this video
from Matt in Australia, he sent this in to correct me if I’m wrong and he asked about trying
to make more height on the jump as well. Keep watching Matt, hopefully
we’re gonna help you out. Right, so let’s look at the better way and hopefully I can
give you a couple hacks to make that magic happen. Ditch the clips. You’ll probably find it really
hard to unlearn this skill and get this right if you’ve
always done it on clips. So switch only if it’s even for practice. This method is all about
using your body weight to lift the rear wheel. That’s the important part, and helps a lot if you have the manual dialed first. ‘Cause get this and boom,
your hops are sorted. Also a good manual will
have your body wieght to the rear of the bike. Heels down, bum over the rear tyre. That’s the perfect position to then launch the rear wheel lift. But wait, let’s not rush
ahead and try and get the manual well then the
rear wheel lift just let. Slow down grasshopper! Okay, have you got
grippy shoes and pedals? Check. Is your seat as low as it will go? Check. Are you ready to change
the way you ride forever? Check. Roll along nice and
slow, make sure your feet are in a nice spot on the pedals, ball of the foot, above
the axle of your pedals or just in front. Now lower your bum down to the rear tire as low as you can get it. You should be stretched out
with your arms straight. Now slowly go up and forward
to your normal ready position, but then keep going
until slightly toe-down and your hips care
coming up near the bars. Don’t go crazy, you don’t
wanna be smashing the bars. Repeat this slowly until it feels normal. Now you need to bring in the pedal scoop. As you move up you’d scrape
back against your pedals with your feet. Pull down and into the pedals
and then back underneath you. Big movement, down and
back to up and forward. This is gonna take practice
by itself for a while. When you’ve got it dialed
then throw in the manual and boom that’s a proper bunny hop. With a bit more practice
you’ll be hitting tech trails and big jumps and feeling comfortable. But beware for some people
who get the rear wheel lift but they then try to add the manual first, everything goes out the window. So relax, don’t try and rush it. Here’s quick cheat, give a
big push forward on your bars just after your manual. This can help the rear wheel come up but it will lead to a
heavier landing than ideal. Be a little bit careful
when you’re practicing this because you’re swinging your
weight up toward the bars so don’t go touching your front brake and also make sure your
head’s up that’d make a big difference. And worry going over the bars
when you’re practicing this. Get practicing, leave us
some comments down below to let us know how you’re getting on. If there’s anything else you
need to know a little bit about trying to unlock your skills. But promise ya, it’ll be well worth trying to practice this, it will
really change your ride. Give us a thumbs up if you
like this, hit that sub button. And if you wanna see Blake’s common jumping mistakes video click over there for that one.

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