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How to Hike and Backpack for Multiple Days : How to Pack for an Overnight Hike

Hi! I’m Kate and I’m with Zoar Outdoor
on behalf of expertvillage to talk to you about hiking and backpacking. Here are some
general rules of thumb when you are packing for your multi day trip. I’ll explain them
briefly. When I pack for my multi day trip, I have my sleeping bag usually in a stuffed
sack and that is the first thing to go in the bottom of my backpack. It has a sleeping
bag compartment so it will be easily accessible later on. You generally want to have most
of the weight now right on top of that sleeping bag so the heaviest things are going to be
your food, which I put in a stuffed sack; it’s all in one thing so I know where my
food is. I put that in next. Then the stove; it’s pretty bulky and heavy so I put that
in next. I keep things that I am going to need like my toilet paper, toiletry kit on
the outside, bug spray on the outside, maps on the outside. Then I have extra stuff like
my toiletry kit with my toothpaste and everything. I’m just going to put these in my backpack
kind of evenly on either side and I haven’t forgotten about my clothes. This I put in
last; all the empty spaces, nooks and crannies in my backpack. I don’t both with a stuffed
sack. This is much easier for space and for accessibility. So when you pack just shove
your clothes in the bottom and all the side compartments. If you do like to keep these
organized, light weight stuff sacks work well to put your clothes in or whatever else. I
like to put my sleeping pad on the bottom of my backpack using my clips and it is easily
accessible. I’m not really worried about it. It is hard to pack as it is. So this stays
in the bottom of my bag and I put my rain fly for my backpack right over it. Lastly,
you have your water on the outside. You should probably keep your fuel on the outside of
your pack. If it should leak, you don’t want it to get all over your stuff. So find
an outside compartment for the fuel, you should be good to go.

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40 thoughts on “How to Hike and Backpack for Multiple Days : How to Pack for an Overnight Hike

  1. Even with a 60L backpack (for a day hike), you have to make choices: it was either the tent, or the two kilos of weed she's going to smoke over the next 24h.

  2. wonder if she knows stuff sacks add alot of unneeded weight, who takes so much loose stuff that they need to have everything totally seperate? i know having some things handy is good but she seems excessive with those stuff sacks

  3. well one stuff sace for food is different than ten for random shit…….and where is my food??? where is "YOU" food….dumbass

  4. Nice useful tips, however, where do you put your tent? I do a similar setup, but where your sleeping pad is is where i put my tent

  5. @KB3GZW Yes, that is very practical, but then, there is always the chance that something unforeseen happens, and you'll have to be out longer. And even if it wouldn't rain, there are spiders, mosquitoes, flies, ants, all kinds of stuff that can attack you in your sleep.

  6. WHOA!!! Way too much crap! For those looking on tips for backpacking, you would be wise to study up on survival guides, edible plant guides etc. Doing so can lighten your pack by 50%, because you won't need so much junk.

    This girl packed freaking toothpicks? All the stems, twigs, pine needles and wood splinters all around her and she needed to bring toothpicks?

    Never take packing advice from a woman. Its a scientific law.

  7. @badsushichef : You presume too much. I've gone 4 months, and I didn't have any trouble so I could have doubled it if I didn't need to work to pay bills. I've hiked from South Carolina to Canada and back with less that a 20 lb pack.

  8. @badsushichef : no doubt you could probably tough it out for a while. Being a woman doesn't make a difference… but leaves and moss don't help with that time of the month, and you'd probably get attacked by some starving animal who picked up your trail. Not a joke.

  9. @AClRCLEOFLlGHT I presume too much? And this comes from someone who says to never take backpacking advice from a woman because it's scientific fact? Pot meet kettle?

  10. @AClRCLEOFLlGHT You shouldn't make such sweeping statements on 50% of the world population. If I were to do the same thing regarding men based on your post, then I would be saying that all men are a bunch of crybabies who can't take the slightest ribbing. Sheesh.

  11. @badsushichef : women are over 50% of the world population, but that's irrelevant. I've been in a lot of situations where women were packing for flights, trips, camping, hiking… and never once did any of them know how to pack accordingly. If going to the same place and spending the same amount of time, women will almost always have more baggage. Its not "sweeping" to say something like that. It's just true, and you have a problem with it.

  12. @brymche : I backpack all the time. Back in August of this year I hiked from the Oregon/Washington Border to the Canada line and back. Why do some women scream sexism to everything that's true? I never said she couldn't do it, I just said she'd need more stuff if she went on an extended hike than most guys would.

    The girl in this video packed toothpicks for crying out loud. Hiking through the woods and she needs toothpicks? If truth is sexist, that's your problem not mine.

  13. @brymche : Your comment was empty and meaningless if you first accuse me of not hiking, then turn around and say "who cares". Apparently you did, enough to start out your comment with it, then calling me sexist just because you didn't like what I said, even though it was true.

    Women do that. They create an argument when there is none, then when someone replies they say, "who cares". Its so stupid. Derp derp, you cared or your wouldn't have said anything.

  14. @brymche : I left my comment and I walked away. You replying to me about what I said is the ONLY reason this conversation (you didn't want to hear any more of) continued. Don't want to hear more? Don't fucking reply dumbass!

  15. There is a reason why she didn't get her tent, cause women are get into men's tent, that's universal rule, so , get over it, she is a true master.

  16. This movie must be for the ladies. Guys dont bring food, they kill things, they don't use sleeping bags, they skin the animals and sleep inside the corpses.. and they don't use toilet things. HUAR!

  17. This video is wrong..The heavier items should go on top so that the weight is distributed to the waist belt and not on the shoulder straps, which causes fatigue.

  18. Great video- straight forward. I like the part about stuffing the clothes to save room and make for easy accessibility. I hope in a future vid you'll show what kind of stove you use.

  19. If you put the heavy items on the top then it makes your pack top heavy and puts you off balance. If you have your pack on correctly with all straps how they should be and waist belt high enough there should be no weight at all on the shoulder straps.

  20. I can't find my FAVORITE "in my pac" video of the old crazy guy with the husky dog and the sub-way sandwich. He had a bunco of gun videos and stuff too. I think he might be related to this chick though….

  21. so what if she smokes pot ots not affecting you in anyway and she seems active as hell i bet she would survive longer in ANY kind of conditions…even if shes a "pot head" then any of you would dont judge people

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