64 thoughts on “How to get more LIKES on Instagram in 2020 (NO FAKE LIKES!)


  2. Bro can someone follow me on Instagram? My mom said if I can get about 500 followers I can get a cat for Christmas. My username is sarahthe_asian. THANK YOU!!❤️❤️

  3. leave your instagram below if you wanna be in a gc where we share our photos/videos in, and leave likes and comments on each others posts for more engagement!! :-)))

  4. The only working website that has worked for me and gives away instagram followers for free is SMM EMPIRE, just google it – But, I tested many different websites too but none of them worked just like SMM EMPIRE haha

  5. Honestly I don’t want to buy stuff for Instagram like what’s the fun in that? I wanna work for it. I just want to see what I can do to improve without buying something, using an app, or following verified people.
    (Sorry if you want me to take it down I can)

    @bad. Dreaminq edit/art stuff

  6. Lol guys, you do realize that anyone can buy likes for any profile they want, right? So if IG banned profiles based on that, just think how easy it would be to get rid of your competitors..! Lol 🤔😇 I don’t want to promote this site, but some of the facts in this vid are just wrong, go read this for yourself. (Can't post link lol… too bad for you) 🤣🤣😂

    I don't mean to trash talk your video Vanessa, but some of the facts here just aren't correct. I enjoyed the video, but this should be pointed out. 👍✌️

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  8. Before u go liveU can see how much people r online so if u calculate the best time which most people r on at, u will get more likes

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