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How to find exciting, new running trails near you!

hello I’m Claire from wild ginger films
and I’m here in Newcastle with Stuart the Event Director from iam with a map
of his local trails how exciting well the terms we had announced here today
I’ve not been on before and we’re absolutely spoiled with the trail
network we’ve got here in the UK so we’re gonna go and explore some new
trails and this is going to help us do that
awesome let’s go and see what’s on offer so we’re just following this little pink
line here and we’re gonna follow it all the way down here over to the road but
this little sign here on the fence and already it’s beautiful that was a really nice run through the
field thence the daffodil is coming out there’s birds cheeping the firm though
it’s a beautiful day Greenfield happy beautiful it’s awesome hey well this is
the house that we’ve been looking for us to tell us that we’re in the right place
we’re just coming down here went to the road there so xbase you’re gonna head to
Scott some more I’m signed to a mile away
it’s beautiful feels to go running through next thing we’re looking for on the map
is a 90-degree turn to the left so we’re going to run up that way and see startup farm here and it’s a track and
we just reach the road and it’s quite a distinctive looking Junction so we’re
gonna a photographer on the Rings talking
about this thank you so other great thing about exploring
your local area using a map is you can find new things so I’ve just seen that
there’s an obelisk here on the map so we’re going to go and have a look at it
well we know where we are because we just come over a bridge over stream so
we can pinpoint exactly where we are in the map we’re just going to follow a map
up the obelisk we’re not exploring the trails around
the local area using a map don’t be put off by the maps this is a really easy
tool to use and there’s loads of science and everything else to help on the way
around if you want to learn more about these needs go onto a navigation course
are going to an event that involves some navigations loads of people who want to
help it’s really great just get out there get your map have a look at your
local area start exploring and I will see you out there on the trail

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7 thoughts on “How to find exciting, new running trails near you!

  1. Hey mate great video love your channel just found it and I really had to Sub!☺ very factual if you get a few spare minutes are you able to check out my channel and give me some tips on how to improve? I would really apreciate it…keep up the good work my freind!☺

  2. Great summary, and covering some of the top tips like thumbing and tick points. It would be good to d another vid to illustrate the importance of orienting the map – I think that's the real key (no pun intended). Also, stopping to navigate is a great time to pop a couple of jelly babies if you are on a longer run.

  3. I laughed. You went over a bridge but still went through a river and bog AWESOME
    But seriouly great tips thanks

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