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How to Enable Raise to Wake for Siri on Apple Watch

What’s up Guys! Dhvanesh here from iGeeksBlog and today I
will show you how to use Raise to Speak feature for Siri on your Apple Watch. With the launch of WatchOS 5, Apple has eliminated
the need to use ‘Hey Siri’ or press the digital crown to invoke Siri. This is possible by using ‘Siri Raise to
Speak’ feature in the latest watchOS 5. So when you raise your Apple Watch and bring
it near to your mouth, you can directly speak your command and Siri would carry out the
same. So let’s get into the video to see how it
works. Well, if you have done that, Press the digital crown of your Apple Watch
to bring up all the apps. Open Settings app from the cluster of apps. Now, tap on General. Then, you need to scroll down and tap on Siri. Finally, toggle ‘Raise to Speak’ option
ON. Now the real trick begins. You just need to raise your Apple Watch and
send a command to Siri on the watch. In case, Siri fails to listen you, just bring
the watch closer to your mouth and then speak the command without using ‘Hey Siri’ phrase. Well, that’s all there is to it! Let me know your thoughts about this feature
in the comments down below. And like this video, if you find it helpful. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for such
all things Apple videos. Well, I’m singing off and will catch you

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23 thoughts on “How to Enable Raise to Wake for Siri on Apple Watch

  1. Thabks for this video…This will be a lot of help to those who have those apple watch….I dont have one btw but still i enjoy watching about technology

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  4. Feature seems to be quite good but I hope they optimise Siri because I have heard that users have difficulty in sometimes conveying their commands to Siri as the assistant doesn’t get what you are trying to say (you say something and it performs something else). Just hope that they optimise it and make it more user friendly

  5. I am having problems too with Siri. Sometimes it reacts and sometimes it doesn't. So not sure what I do wrong. Since you don't need to say "hey Siri".

    When i say "call …." Sometimes it reacts. But when I say " what's the weather like?". It won't

    Tried putting it very close to mouth or just normal distance like I read they advice an nothing. 🙄. Any suggestions?… Anyone? Thanks

  6. How do I confirm when I am done composing my text message? It says “I will send this message” but it just sits there. I have tried raising my wrist and saying all different confirmations, but without saying hey Siri, I haven’t gotten it to send. Thanks.

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