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How To: Dumbbell Front Raise

Hey, YouTube. I’m Scott from and I’m gonna demonstrate for you how to do front raises with dumbbells now a lot of people do this exercise wrong and the way they go wrong when they actually lift the weight, they’re just lifting it and by that I mean, they’re just doing this and what you want to do is actually when you lift the weight is reach towards the wall in front of you, so watch the difference. This is the wrong way and now this is the right way You even see more of the muscles coming into play when I do it right way so again the wrong way is just to lift The right ways to reach towards the wall and watch all the muscles in my rear deltoids come into play Boom just like this So that’s the right way to do it and now this exercise is performed and you can do it with both arms. I like to do it best as one arm at a time so you can call it a alternating front raises with Dumbbells So what you’re going to do is stand straight look towards the wall and lift one arm at a time and you’re going to breathe out as you exert the force keep a neutral spine keep your wrist straight slight bend in your knees even arch your back a little bit, so and then you’re going to bring it up. Just about to your chin come down up up up Two more, up So that’s how you do a dumbbell, raise front dumbbell raises with dumbbells yeah, front raise with dumbbells For more information, please feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel I’m putting out new stuff all the time with proper form and technique Have a great day guys

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100 thoughts on “How To: Dumbbell Front Raise

  1. I regret hiring a trainer. Trainer is there to motivate you to keep going, I have the motivation already I just needed education -_-

  2. I still don't see the difference between the wrong way and the correct way. Maybe I'm missing something? Anyone care to give any insight? Thanks!

  3. I thought you were supposed to have ur scapula retracted and depressed during this exercise. reaching forward doesn't seem safe?

  4. God the idiotic comments for this video are ridiculous. Who tf cares what noise he's making. Half of you obviously have never been to the gym where people do make weird noises during their workout. Get over it people. Good advice in the vid bro.

  5. At least he had a normal speaking voice in this video. Unlike current videos where he does that bizarre forced accent. That being said Herman has some of the most helpful videos on youtube.

  6. I don't get it. What do you mean by "reach towards the wall" ? Can someone bro it out and help me please? I don't want to jeopardize my hard work doing the wrong thing.

  7. Hey man, thanks for posting all these vids. No 6 minute dialog, no selling of products, just straight to the point instructions on how to do a work out properly. Thank you!


    These are simple, but effective. Just the way I like it 😀

  9. Why aren't you holding the dumbbells facing forward? Seems like the tension of this movement is not focusing on the front deltoids. Plz explain!!!

  10. I like how Scott makes "chshschssstt" sound showing us when you are supposed to exhale. And most of the people don't get this point.

  11. I was looking up correct front DB raise form and naturally wanted to see what you had to say, Scott—it's great to see how far your video-creating and explanation skills have come since 2009, especially after watching a few of your recent videos. Great to see you're still hustling!

  12. I downloaded some training instructions. Your videos are teaching me the correct form on how to get it done. Thanks Scott

  13. time and time again you impress me with a tip I've never heard of that works so fucking well, imma subscribe

  14. This is a really great video, thanks man! Look forward to checking out more of your lifting tutorials!!

  15. What is the difference between performing this with thumbs pointing upwards or thumbs pointing towards each other. I perform it with thumbs pointing towards each other just because I saw others do it

  16. Love these things.>>> Wanted to build a small home gym in my garage, but didn't want to take up a ton of space. They are perfect for giving you tons of options for weight increments while not creating the clutter of having 15 pairs of dumbbells. They are very easy to use and quickly adjust weight. The only knock as others have said is that if you did the smallest weight (5 pounds), it's a bit bulky for a 5 pound weight. Not a deal breaker for me by any means…I anticipated that. They look and feel very solidly built. Quality product

  17. I do the same, one arm at a time but I bring it up and across the midline to really active the anterior delt as well as the upper pec. Works well for me.

  18. Front raises can be done with a pronated or a neutral and supinated grip… hand spacing can be narrow medium and wide…. the angles can be inclined vertical and decline!

  19. Hi, Scott. (1) Does the shoulderblade move forward as you reach for the far wall? (2) No effort to keep shoulder seated and depressed? Thanks! I am new to weights.

  20. This contradicts what I've been told by other people who say to keep your shoulder blades retracted and down. Now I'm confused

  21. Scott are you moving your shoulder towards the front as you lift? I really cannot differentiate between the right and wrong excercize!

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