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How to do the Hitchhiker Dance

This is Cool Cats R Us showing all you cool
cats out there how to do the Hitchhiker. So I’m going to show you what the hitchhiker
looks like real quick and then we’re going to break down how to do it. So here it goes. So in order to do the hitchhiker you first
have to learn how to do the skate. I’ll show you briefly how to do it but to learn how
to do the skate click on my video. The basics of the skate are you come out like
this with each foot. Swing your arms a little bit with it. Then you want to double up on
it like that. Then once you have that down you want to swing
your hand with your thumb up in the air. So it would be thumb up with hand on the hip. Then thumb up with hand on the hip. Thumb up with the other hand on the hip. Thumb up with the other hand on the hip. So
the thumb up should be going with the foot that is pushing outwards. My right foot pushes outwards and my thumb
goes up. My hand on my hip is with the other foot. Then you want to double it up then you go
like that. Then you step to the right with the thumb
up on each side. So that seems pretty simple right? That’s
because it is. So whenever you get that down it should look
something like this. You can go a few times with it. So that’s the Hitchhiker. Check out my channel
Cool Cats R Us for more dance videos where I teach you in my living room how to become
a dance master in your living room.

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7 thoughts on “How to do the Hitchhiker Dance

  1. I just watched all 8 of your tutorial videos of the 60's dances. I want to thank you for taking the time to show the fundamentals of these dances. I am going to be DJing a Christmas party that is 1960's themed including a dance competition. I needed to have at least 7 dances from the 60's for this, plus being able to teach the dances. Thank you so much!
    Side note for any critics… the great thing about dancing, there is no right or wrong way to do it. Learn the basics of the dance then make it your own with whatever flare, kicks, attitude. That's what makes the dance cool is when you add a little "you" into it.

  2. That is so cool! How did you learn to do all of these? These are the dances that they were doing when I was a kid πŸ™‚ Do you remember the Four Corners and how about The Freddie? Love your channel, this is fun!!!!

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