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How to do Perfect Shoulder Side Raises

Hi I’m Tom Holland Bowflex Fitness Adviser. This is how to do the perfect side raise. The side raise – an exercise with dumbbells. It is phenomenal exercise to sculpt our shoulders. It’s called the side raise, it actually works the front and the middle of the shoulder. And Elsa’s going to demonstrate a few different ways to do it, to maximize your results. First thing we want to think about is stopping right at shoulder height. So Elsa is going to demonstrate opening those arms to the sides and you’ll see she’s stopping right at her shoulder height – (not going higher, not using momentum) – controlling that
movement. That is one of the simple ways to do it. Now two other ways… If she’s
going to use a heavier weight, she’s kinda gonna go in between, on an angle. So she’s gonna go out to the side but on a little bit more of an angle. If the weights are heavier, that’s generally how you’re going to do it. And then you’ll see some guys and stronger women, they’re gonna do it a third way. Elsa is going to demonstrate. So much more bend in the elbows. When the weights are heavier, we’re gonna keep them closer to her body. The farther the weights are away from
her shoulder, the more stress there is on the shoulder. So three different ways: straight-out, little bit of angle, and
nice and tight. For more quick workouts and fitness
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