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How To Cook Red Rice – Gạo Lứt

hello everyone this is Zedlee welcome
back to my channel in this video I am going to show you how to cook red rice red rice is considered one of the healthiest food in the world similar to
brown rice red rice is whole grain rice so they’re very high in vitamins in
minerals and fiber therefore they are definitely better
choices over white rice in terms of health benefits they are also pretty affordable
this package I got it from Costco it cost me about 10 bucks for eight pounds
which is 3.6 kilograms it is called Himalayan red rice however I think this
is the same kind of red rice and the name is just to direct the place where
it’s grown we are going to use one cup of bread
rice and here is a closer look to the crane
it’s kind of long and has a reddish color the difference between red white
and brown rice is the red color from an antioxidant called anthocyanins which
are also found in deep purple and reddish fruits and vegetables such as berries
and tomatoes so to start we are going to soak the rice in two cups of water and
depending on the weather it is cold it might take about two days and you might
want to change the water after a day to stimulate the germs to grow other than
that it takes about 24 hours or so and they will be ready to cook so here it is
as you can see the bubbles start to form on the surface which means they are
ready to cook it took me about two days since the temperature here in the Bay
Area here in California right now is around sixty degree Fahrenheit or 15
degrees C we will drain off the water and you
might want to wash it for one or two more times next put all of our rice into a pot
along with one and a half to two cups of water depending on how firm you want
your rice to be here I’m putting in two cups you can use the rice cooker if
you have one it would be much easier mines busy cooking the white rice for
other family members so we are going to bring it to boil cover it and when it starts to boil bring it
down to steam and check back after 30 minutes you after 30 minutes take off the cap and
keep it steaming still for another 10 minutes give it a good stir to make
sure it won’t burn on the bottom of the pot after 10 minutes you can see that
all the water has already evaporated and this is ready to serve I find the rice is very easy to eat and
you get used to it after three to four times using it and might be able to
replace your white rice with red rice so thank you for watching if you like my
video please give it a thumbs up if you have any questions just leave it in the
comment box below and remember to subscribe to my channel for more
upcoming cooking videos see you next time

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7 thoughts on “How To Cook Red Rice – Gạo Lứt

  1. I love red rice as much as I do brown. I rarely soak it beforehand, though..mainly because I eat red/brown for dinner every night. And I normally only decide which to eat prior to cooking it for dinner. I always use 2 cups (or another 1/4) for every cup of rice. I cook it with the absorption method with a covered lid throughout. I time it for only 15 minutes and it’s perfectly done. You mentioned 30 minutes. Perhaps the different varieties of red rice makes cooking times vary? But by so much? I’m a bit puzzled. Anyway, red rice is delicious. An acquired taste, maybe. Well worth trying and adopting it into our diets. I’m glad I did.

  2. I wanted to cook red rice .i stay in India and I soaked it fr 7hrs.but it is not becoming soft.
    So my question is how long should I soak the red rice before cooking so that it becomes soft and fluffy as white rice?

  3. Im so confused how to cook the red rice.. quite difficult 😢😢😢
    I tried and boil it.. 1cup=3cup of water.. i still taste little crunchy after it has boil.. please help me

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