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How to Clone, Hide, Secret Messenger or Any Application

Hello Youtubers, I am Suhaib first of
all if you don’t have subscribe us then please subscribe because I will upload
more interesting videos like that and in this video I will tell you how to clone
messenger or any application and hide secretely so no one knows it so let’s
get started first go to play store and install parallel space if parallel space
problems are you can’t download it so download mo chat application or any
multi account application after installing open it and clone facebooking messenger or any
application you want after cloning you can use two messenger now one from your phone and one from parallel space you can see my first and origional account here now log in in parallel cloned messenger with your another account and then tab on profile and go to
notification and sound and turn off notification previews so your messages would not
show on notification and turn off vibrate light sound so there would be
silence when any message arrived after that go back to play store type app lock and installed that app lock and go down so you will found its
advanced security download it also app app lock is now installed now its advanced
security is installing after that open app lock and create your
new pattern and set your security email now first Lock parallel space turn
permissions on which is required after locking tab on protect go to security
settings and add a random question in case if you lost the pattern after that
save it and go back now go to general session tab on advanced protection and activate it now go to magic session and tap on hide
applock now it will hide and to open app lock you have to dial #1234 now go back to magic and tab
on cover and choose any cover for this you’ll have to tap and then tap long to open after activating all done go back and go to security and turn off the option make password visible now when you open it it will look like this and to open it first tab it and then long tab to open and after that enter your pattern,
now we will test it with another phone as you can see it opens chat heads now
we have to close it for this go to messenger and then turn off chat heads now you can see no one can read the
messages and cannot open it except you, Thanks for
watching guys if you have any problem or want any video please leave a comment
hope this video helps you so please like this video and don’t forget to subscribe
our channel bye bye, have a nice day

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