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How to Clean, Drain and Dry Your Boat

Ah. Recreating on the water. The perfect way to slow down, reconnect with the outdoors and pick up hitchhikers? What the!? The introduction of aquatic hitchhikers, also known as aquatic invasive species, to a new
ecosystem, can lead to widespread loss of habitat, threatening wildlife that depend on healthy habitats for survival. What can we do to stop aquatic hitchhikers? Clean, drain and dry your boat! Clean off all visible aquatic plants, animals and mud
from all equipment before leaving water access. When possible,
rinse equipment and boat hulls with high pressure, hot water. Drain motor, bilge
and other water containing devices before leaving water access. Dry everything for
at least five days or wipe with a towel before reuse. When you see a
mandatory boat check, make sure to stop. Watercraft inspectors aren’t there to
get you in trouble, they are there to help and give your boat a solid deep clean
when needed. “By treating it with 120 to 140 degree water, you’re able to
decontaminate it and mitigate any risks that you’d be bringing any
invasive species on the watercraft. Clean, drain and dry your boat before you float.

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