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How to bring the outdoors and coffee together

My name is Daniel and I’m a barista in Seattle. A lot of options for brewing coffee, whether you’re going on a day hike or you’re gonna go out camping. Stove-top is really easy, that’s what I do most of the time. I get my stove set up in my trunk to brew my coffee. It’s really quick it doesn’t take long at all. Put it in my canister and take it with me, and then I’m out in the outdoors. Coffee has always played a nice role when I go out hiking, I always get up early. You set goals and it’s not always easy going up to that goal, and I feel the same way with hiking. I really see it as a reflection in life. It’s really nice just to get out sometimes and just get away from everything. Once I find a good spot, I feel like that’s a good moment for me to enjoy my coffee. Just the opportunity to be alone with my thoughts. Coffee really gives us the ability to take a pause, whether that’s at a coffee shop or on the top of a mountain.

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