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How To Avoid Bear Attacks Alaska_ Safety in Bear Country Hiking Hunting Camping Fishing

How to Avoid Bear Attacks safety in bear country Alaska Bear Safety tips hi it’s AlaskaGranny it’s springtime in Alaska and you know what that means the bears are out be aware that bears are in a lot more places
than people think they are obviously you seen the news about the
lady in Florida then we know that there are bears around and what we need to do now is how to get
a lot like them and them recent years the cam
problematic is because they had encounters that
people down now so you can make sure you know what to do so the you don’t ever have her let the
people in the ranching and never have happened i think im on attack so be prepared everything you need to
know is if you’re out here to you need to be ninety when you going
on you don’t wanna start here they don’t wanna see you anywhere you want to see so the noisy when you’re walking a line
crash and planted if you want to talk to people anyway maybe where bells on her clothes or
whatever the nice thing you’re coming ancien surprise there then you need to know the signs and
bears you wanna look for things like crest grasses roommate mocking you wanna look
for their press if there’s but or moisture on diagram if
you see an like that be flattened out grassy
area you probably mind and who wear their me and maintenance now I am in a hurry canning and got mad the area before use up you can bet if you come
across past track or grass it’s just popping
back at they heard you carrying thankfully and they don’t want to see
you either also beware what’s cat looks like where they
appear in its like great be density but it would be great big can look like a head they had a real
estate latter maybe they allow be and you might even see think they a reason why I asked which is
interesting to look at but it seems very fresh in mind the wire
may need to be more careful where you are are that there might be a bear he also
on now what bears like which very few more
likely etienne who be problematic cell say sea and air he’s gonna happen years
after high and here in if you see him from the side it’s
damn it might be way up against his wrist then he might
be a hand there which is like and junior high way are likely
to get enough by then grandpa also they may be frightened because Nate homages cake our or might
be hungry cat they have her take care themselves here they’re more likely tebe an you can’t really predict what they’re
trying to do see you want to be very careful if you get around it there if you get
around it all their hair they tend to be much larger the ears come down on the side their
head they gonna they might have a great big best
and I their least likely kid just charge you they make an underhand like they may
grant they want to get a look at you can see what’s going on that they probably
never want to be in a by Wikia should you be out any you see a
bear picketed distance yeah and he has not
seen you on FB very quiet and you might change your and
go back where you came from make a huge circle around see you down
and can I am if you can apply online and you’re
closer and he hasn’t seen you then you need to hear still if he is
ignoring you be very quiet go back where you came if the pair shared see him then you want
to stand at this time as you can when a pitcher I’m there anyone if they had this to me
how are you and you back away slowly keep talking
keep breaking out of harm’s way home around he may stand up and look at you he may
even San today granting and he made in black cherry you name right here and
then they’ll stop or they’ll be rocky KY get at here and you’ll ever know I am
getting at here goodbye rarely me he talking here never turn around and round because they appear now training in a min 35
miles an hour appear ABC’s year and he thinks you’re
crazy chase you even though I hadn’t planned
on it on the senate it lets loose on something that’s
instinctual to them and don’t climb a tree bears can climb trees and they I’m
passing you even when you’re scared cell make sure that you’re very very
careful it it should charge you remember it’s
probably a left Erics if it dead actually let yet reasonable and try to make contact
with you very first at you better have your
pepper spray week here and an be per pair if it is the latter Lego Bay gonna attack anyone it’s Brett and you
need to do have a weapon can you shoot to kill you doubt she’ll
and justice getting away and windy here those things unless your pocket here
that it was angry and it was going to attack you at
the head Anna big count 1 carrying anymore anyway carry them and most the time if there is
a bad out it’s because people at me foolish
mistake in judgment and antagonized there so as long as
you’re hiking in you being careful you shouldn’t have any problem maybe see a group their Nair between at just don t you wouldn’t want to do
anything like that like the lady in florida is sitting in
her son remain sheath that I have your standard right way series
she went outside and file around inside and out %uh hard the
bad have had dockiers remember dead bear is a dead
bear in people that do leave food out to their careless
in their camping are there me whatever around beer get a associate food with people and
that’s when you have a problem there and that they’re usually ends up
being destroyed Joe not take chances with a beautiful
bears we have in our online I enjoyed want them to enjoy their lack week in
cuz this peacefully okay think about these things
when you go out writing be prepared don’t panic you know it’s
coming here not you’ll have to read that cell I hope you subscribe to the lappy create
an A and have a wonderful day

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