8 thoughts on “How To Ask For A Raise – Step 1: Do Your Homework | Megyn Kelly TODAY

  1. Great advice. Too many people don't understand that the workplace is not a dating site or a friendship den.

  2. Megyn Kelly is really talented; it's a shame to see her doing so poorly on daytime T.V. when she swept the floor at FOX.

  3. Megan Kelly is a racist and a liar. I will never forget how you purposely inspired racist attacks with race baiting, calling black protesters thugs, saying that all Muslims are terrorists and inciting people to commit hate crimes all over this nation. You and the rest of the propagandist at fox, both past and present, are covered in blood from all of the attacks and murders caused by your words. You cant hide from your past and who you really are. NBC are trying to normalize these people but DON'T LET THEM. DON'T WATCH ANY SHOW KELLY OR ANYONE WHO THINKS LIKE HER IS ON. SHAME!!!!!!

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