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How to Ask For a Raise | Momsplained | Scary Mommy

– Today on Momsplained. How to ask for a raise. Women will lose 500,000
to 1 million dollars over the course of their careers because of the wage gap. Excuse me Jessica but
that is just not okay. Here are four tips to getting paid more. Know your market. Do your research by
looking up the salary range for a comparable position
at another company. This is a great way to
find out where you stand relative to others who have
your level of experience. You can even consult
your network of friends, work acquaintances, or confidential message boards where other women share what they earn. Know your worth. Identify your goal
number and have it ready. You have a right to ask. Asking for a raise is not rude or entitled or asking for a favor. Last time I checked, we all go to work in order to get paid. It helps to consider timing when talking to your employer, i.e if
its been more than year since your last increase,
now may be a good time. However, if you’ve made a few mistakes in your role recently, you might wanna wait on that convo, Debra. (failure horn) Prep for the talk. The ask for a raise talk with your boss can be intimidating. But take a deep breath
and know your worth. Along with the comparable
salary range research, have a list of your accomplishments that have contributed to
the success of the company. No need for a PowerPoint here. Just a few distinct bullets will do. (bell dings) Speak up. At the current rate, it will take 208 years to
achieve gender equality in the US. Karen, that is what I call unacceptable. In order to change this, we must identify bias as it happens and raise questions as to
why there are not more women, even more notably, women
of color and Latina women in senior roles. Today, only 6.6% of our
Fortune 500 companies have a female CEO. (bell buzzes)
This is not a world we want for our daughters. Let’s keep talking, pushing, learning and all the other things
that help us mommas go get that money. (upbeat music) My work here is done. You’ve been Momsplained.

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