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How To Ask For A Raise, According To Tyra Banks

– Sometimes you have to
size step, step backwards, do so many things in order to get the quan, the thing. The thing that you desire so much. (happy music) Here’s a big Tyra tip in
how to ask for a raise. First I’m gonna tell you what not to do. Do not go to your boss
or employer and say, I can’t pay my bills, I
need to do this for my kid. I just need this because
I just need to shop more. I can’t pay my car payment. It is not your employer’s interest, their personal interest to actually really truly care for that, and it’s not necessarily
gonna make them open up the pockets of that company
to pay you for that. You need to sit there and
talk about your value. Talk about what you have done
that has increased revenues, increased engagement, or
how you’ve been working from nine to nine, even
though you are only supposed to be working from nine to six. And that you are a salaried employee, so it’s not like you’re
getting more money. And based on your input,
into that company, and based on the metrics and
the things that have happened because of the things that you were doing, that’s why you deserve the raise. You don’t need a raise, deserve a raise. Persistence is crucial. You have a goal, you have
a dream, you have a desire, you see that thing over
there and you want it so bad. It is so important to keep on keeping on, especially when you feel like crap and you feel like nothing
that you are doing is getting you there. But one thing that my mother told me is, it’s not always about going
through the front door. So the dream, it’s right on the other side of that front door,
there’s other entrances to get inside of that house which represents your dream,
your goal, your desire. So figure out that way. And what that means is the
path is not always straight. I talk about this a lot. About pivoting, moving
on to the next thing. You have to have the nose
of like a bloodhound. And know when something
feels like it could go stale. Being one step ahead. Or, you know what, I used to love this job and then I used to like it,
and now I kinda tolerate it. And it’s not necessarily just like, oh screw this, I’m outta here. And then you can’t pay your rent. Sometimes it’s about transitioning
and doing it smoothly. Leave at the top with respect, even if you hate that damn job, you don’t wanna burn bridges. Get into that next job, still
be able to pay your rent and don’t piss off your
boss because you never know when you’re gonna need
that recommendation. If you have an idea, if you
wanna be an entrepreneur and you just have no way in, you don’t have access
to capital to, you know, to make this dream come true, I say, work for companies that have a similar mission, product, service
that you wish to create. Learn their secrets, learn
what makes them tick. And then take that and tweak it. And make it your own. The more knowledge that you
have, the more power you have. When you need to sit down in front of a VC or private equity and say, I need some money to make
this dream come true. And in my career, I have wanted so much but it’s not always about this. Sometimes you gotta, it’s like a dance. Back, back, side, side,
back, dip and at it. And side door, and window,
and cellar, and cellar. Get it? (laughs)

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30 thoughts on “How To Ask For A Raise, According To Tyra Banks

  1. John Doe ask for a raise base on his merits. Corporate applaud his merits and says: Climb the corporate ladder.

  2. Hey Business Insider can you make one about how to protect your emails starring Hillary?
    Or one about how hard work pays off by Kim K or "how to attract the women you want" based on proven field tested techniques by Zach Efron!

  3. If you arent working harder and more profeshionally than your peers. If your not one of the best employees then ask for the raise or dont and it will come.

  4. I shouldn't have to ask for a raise when I show up for every day and go behind the call duty of the job describtion

  5. Her tips are excellent and practical, giving idea of basic attitude of raising salary and they are inspiring too. On what ground do you judge her advices? She was the model but also very successful business woman who knows about business more than any of you. For sure she knows how to raise salary cause she has done constant negotitations with broadcast companies but most of all she is the boss herself, she decided whom to give raise or not, so the tips are actually very realistic.

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