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How The Tour de Trail Part 3 Gave Me The Runs – E235

Well, here it is a beautiful Saturday morning and I’m about ready to run the Tour de Trail Shawnee Mission Park Part 3. This is part of the series
that I’ve been running all summer. I’ll put the other link up here
and down in the description. It’s been a really fun time but UNLIKE past races, it’s not raining! I don’t know what to do without being soaking wet but it’s gonna be a blast. So, come with me to the start line and let’s get this thing going. Coleen: GOOD MORNING!
– I see that you must have done something special
to keep the rain away today. – I did. – What did you do? – I can’t say it on camera.
[laughter] [airhorn blares] [background music begins] [indistinguishable talking and cheering] – Onto the trail. Is anyone else breathing heavier or is it just me? If I start drafting off of two very strong runners, I hope I can keep this pace. Hey, everybody. It’s Nell. I’m gonna stop for some water. I really just use this as a break to get away from those ladies. They’re too strong of runners for me. Going back into the woods. That’s Rob. We keep playing leapfrog. And his birthday is on the 30th. Wish him happy birthday. This is a long steep hill. You can tell because they put rocks in as steps. I’m walking it. Good job, ladies. Oh! And Jay! Bubbles. – Bubblllles! – Hey, runners. – Hello, Jason. How’s it going? – Hey. Because I’m a mouth-breather, I’m stopping for more water. Thank you. Whoo. I can hear Coleen yelling from the start line but that doesn’t mean I’m close. She has a big mouth! I’m walking to catch my breath ’cause I hear Nell and I want to look super-strong when I pass her. Hi, Nell. Look how strong of a runner I am. Downhill. Woo-hoo. Don’t go that way. This hill came out of nowhere. Right turn to the finish line. [crowd cheering] [background music ends] See what happens when I don’t get lost! Coleen: Whoo! He does really well when he doesn’t get lost! – Where are the cups? I was promised cups. I tried to keep up with them.
[laughter] They are too strong. – Homeboy can’t hang. [laughter] This is probably the best time to correct
my mistake in my last video. This is not Wes. This is Lance. [laughter in background] Sorry, Lance. – No problem. I’m done and I did great. I’ll put my time up here. I was just over one hour. I had so much fun! I want to thank Team Sparkle
for putting on yet another great race and I look forward to the next one, which is coming up: the Wyandotte County Park Race. And here is an excited runner. – Whoo! Sorry.
[laughter] – Hi! Lauren here!
– Congratulations! – Thanks. [laughter] – Keep watching and… I forgot the end of my thing, which is usually, um… – Oh, no! keep running, and uh… The Year I Got the Runs. Talk to you later. -Bye!
-Bye! [laughter] [instrumental hit]

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10 thoughts on “How The Tour de Trail Part 3 Gave Me The Runs – E235

  1. Great job Jason. Isn't thst the lady that flips off the camera all the time. Glad ya finished and didn't get lost.

  2. Great video and a bunch of great one-liners! Amie and Rachel are beasts, great job keeping up with them for a little bit of your race.

  3. A great run, Jason! Oh and I think you were looking for … “and this is the Year I Got the Runs” 😄

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