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How she helped an Indian! (Toughest evening of Hitchhiking in Russia)

Google Translate says – “The lady wants to meet me for 5 Nights…… ” What!! 5 NIGHTS or Minutes !!! Sometimes Google Translate does blunder the same thing happened when I was with Nicholai and Ira. I was so embarrassed His friend wants to meet me here because she wants to work in India. Please share your feedback on the camera stabilization After using the gimbal, do you really feel any difference? If you don’t like the quality then please suggest me where how can I make it better Thats Katun river and there is a bridge This seems to be a Restaurant Thanks to Nadya who recommended the Altai Mountains, when I was in India Thanks to Nicholai who recommended me to visit Chusky Tract its 4:45 pm I am here in Barangol for last 2 hours Behind me is Barangol village We have been talking about India and Russia They have shared a lot of information about Chusky tract They told me about TASHANTA, which is the last Russian village in this direction After seeing the photographs of that place, I have gone crazy. Its so beautiful Tonight I am going to stay in Barangol They have made stay arrangements for me Though I haven’t seen that till now Tomorrow I should leave early As I have to travel around 400 kilometres They said that they never saw any Indian tourist in this place So its not popular among the Indian tourist But Russian people often visit here Many tourists use this highway to reach Mongolia and then to China If you have a Mongolian visa you can cross this border overland This is a offroader for local excursions It has got a good ground clearance its 6:45 pm People are saying that the clothes I am wearing are not enough to protect me from the cold of Tashanta But I have to go I am feeling quite warm in these clothes I am waiting to get a place to settle. The girl and his boyfriend live on the other side of the river… she said that they are trying to accommodate me somewhere They also wanted to know about India So I thought of staying with them but it seems the plan may change They want me to stay somewhere else Lets see… what happens ! Now they have expressed their inability to arrange a place for me They are asking me to stay in a hotel… somewhere nearby I actually wanted to stay with some local. I could have gone to some other place had I come to know about their decision earlier its 7 pm Now I have no place to stay She said, there is a Buddhist temple in another village. She came to know about that place from her friend But she is not able to convey me that her friend has already made arrangements or I have to do on my own! because of language barrier She won’t be able to go with me to convince the temple authorities. She has to go back to her house situated in the Jungle It would be a problem in jungle after it becomes dark Lets see what happens now! I can see that she is trying to help me She is standing with me to ask for lift… talking with her friend on phone Oh God! Sometimes it becomes so difficult But yes! This is a challenge. I should accept this Now I am tired. Bags are getting so heavy for my shoulders Please stop! I am not getting any help at this time At the same time, I am worried for here also She said that she has to travel a distance to reach her place Its dark now and she might face problem I could have been here on the road for some more time, but now…. I can see she is trying her best to help me out I really don’t want her to land in a problem because of me Its ok… It happens…. She has left now Now I am paying 400 Ruble to stay for a night! its 8 pm Now everything is fine 🙂 all well that ends well Now I am with Andrey and Zhenia This is the dining place for tourists I am going to have dinner with them Now I am not going to stay in that room which you just saw They have also offered me their place to stay They have also offered this facility in half of the amount Another great news ! Andrey said – Now you don’t have to pay anything to stay here I am really overwhelmed by such warm gestures of the Russians I am having Tomtato salad This is mamiyal This is a present from them I don’t know how should I thank them They have given me this to cure my cold and cough This is a medicine This is Shilajeet I have seen people selling this in Manali, India at Hidimba Temple Shilajeet is a herb I has got lots of medicinal values

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100 thoughts on “How she helped an Indian! (Toughest evening of Hitchhiking in Russia)

  1. I see people commenting about why can't he pay 400 bucks, its nothing. and Why he can not take buses rather than taking lifts! so people! understand that If he takes buses! you won't be able to see that how good these people are! How so many people are willing to help others! If he did not pay 400 bucks it does not mean that he does not have money! he simply showed how good these people are and if someone is stuck somewhere without money so he should not feel hopeless because he might find good people like mountaintrekker did, during his trip. So chill and do not show your concern here about India's image as there are many people here, who are ruining India's image everyday by doing so many bad things.

  2. Our government should give all those kind russian peoples an award for hospitalitiy !!! Russian peoples really made russia proud for their helping nature n kindness… Russian peoples wellcome to Goa , we wellcomes you

  3. U must have asked her, weather she reached home safely or not…. In India no.. One unknown person will care for you like her…. Though she has not enough potential to help you,,,, but all through out the time,,,, worried for you…..

  4. You are a bad guy. You should have walked the girl at least halfway,if not full. You always looked like a selfish person. But you are a bad guy too.
    For Russians, you are a great people.

  5. Hats off to varun yr. He dont scare to go unknown places.. popular places pr aamm log jate hain unknown places pr sirf varun bhai jate hai. Hmari to fatt jaye aisi jgah jakr.. communication barrier , unknown people bhai main to shaid kbhi na jau.. hope varun bhai ik din milenge hmmm

  6. Yha india main hm agr dusri state makn jate hai raat main to dr lgta hai khi loot hi na le or varun bhai sahab world main kha kha ghoomte hai.. good. Varun bhai el din milna hai apko

  7. So, as you were worried about yourself you completely forgot the safety of the girl who was trying to help you! You could have asked the girl to stay at the hotel as it was dark and her house is 3 miles away and she could be at risk while going home! you didn't even thank her properly and showed a bit gesture of courtesy like "is it okay for you to go home alone"! The girl saved you and you let her be in danger! Anybody having a bit of conscience would do just the opposite of what you did!

  8. Sir you are very good and I was also appreciate with yours and I will take many tourist information on your videos sir !

  9. Just adding only Russians helped India in all wars we should always be thankfull to them without them and Israel we could have lost 1971,1999 and others !! thanks to our dearest brother for posting russia travel !!Russia bolshoy Spasibo vam

  10. In each every episode my respect towards is keep on increasing…lots of love to Russians from India..😂😂

  11. Hi,
    i just started watching your videos from yesterday, its really interesting….
    and i'm getting very curious what will happen next.

  12. tumari russian series kitni bhi dekhu maan nahi bharta….sometimes it feels like fairy tale …

  13. Just commenting for the Russian kind hearted girl. I have never seen such a nice and helpful person in my life…

    People are for people. People like her give hope to others and instill faith of humanity in others.

    Many many many many thanks to the Russian girl. God bless you and bestow you with everything you deserve.

    Love and good wishes from Bangladesh.

  14. They want to see Indians because they want to see what kind of people in India believe that a cow is aGod and looks like human being become a God, plant

  15. Only video I disliked. I loved you and your videos and but this put me off. I am disappointed by you this time. You came off quite rude.

  16. Bhai sakht launda hain. Main toh pasand kar leta is cute si Russian ladki se . Agar woh aise mera madad karti

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