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How Russian Children treated an Indian tourist !!

it is 19 september 2017 today and i am not feeling that well, as it is really cold it’s the very first day of my trip to russia it is 4 degree celsius i should have planned my trip a bit earlier i am going to a school right now actually my host from couchsurfing, she is a teacher here this is the school this time my experience will be quiet different i am excited to be able to talk to school kids this is one of the local school of Russia children are having fun the same way as indian kids would have the class looks really good i have been told that in primary classes from class one to five they study in the same classroom for those four years and when they get promoted to class five is when there classroom is changed but what happens in india is that each year our classroom changes but it is not the same here right now i am speaking in my language: Hindi, with my viewers i am in the school right now in Omsk, i reached here yesterday evening and i am actually feeling very happy to be here today is 19 september 2017 time is around 10:48 here, but in India it must be around 10:30 or 10:15 these are the children i am interacting with the kids earlier were the little ones, and were being quiet notorious ahmm, but kids will be kids but i am really enjoying being here this sort of experience is quiet different for me to be in a school, in Russia we are interacting right now, i am telling them about India they are telling me about Russia, infact, they are the one telling me about where should i go next in Russia and, a lot of other stuff they have made a Indian flag for me and i heard this word “kharasho” many times yesterday while travelling from astana to omsk i don’t need to learn this specific word as the person i will be meeting will be welcoming me this place is for physical activities this is actually a government school in omsk a typical goverenment school in Russia with a lot of good infrstructure most of our government schools don’t have this level of infrastructure but, some of them do have it like in Delhi, i have heard that the demand to get admission in government school is on a rise to an extent that parents are taking there kids out of the private schools and getting them admissions in public ones, which is a very positive change but right now i am in a local public school of Russia which i believe is an old one but they do give facilities to children they teach foreign languages too like English and French in special classes and have specialised teachers to teach as well now, i am in the school canteen it is really different from what we are used to Mr.Victor is also a teacher in here he was the english teacher, who has been a lot of help one more interaction session with smaller kids of class four teacher: kids you can ask any question to him kid: do you like coca-cola? kid: what do you do for your living? kid: do you drink vodka? kid: do you play guitar? kid: do you like pizza? kid: do you like wine? it is currently 12:30 in the afternoon and right behind me is the school building omsk, is a small town people don’t understand english that well as told by my host as i could have problem travelling by myself but, still i am trying to go out what are these big pipes for?,, i have no idea what is that to my left? i have no idea i actually dont have any idea, about where i need to go the only thing i know is, that it is my first day in Russia the first thing i need to take care of is that i have to withdraw the “rubal” the local currency from an ATM afterwards i need a local sim card so that i can stay connected, and use some basic apps so, this will be my first step and after that, i will plan accordingly although,the weather is really cold so the weather is not on my side and i may have to adjust my plans accordingly that lady, just pushed a red button to give the traffic a signal this is the red button Delhi also has these sorts of buttons at many places,especially at India Gate at Pelican signal just press the button and cross the road sometime, people do misuse them as well this is a local building residential area in Omsk,my host lives somewhere near here as well to my left are tracks for trams these buildings are called something built in 1960-70’s the concept is named something i cant’t remember the name

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100 thoughts on “How Russian Children treated an Indian tourist !!

  1. Thanks everyone for their immense love. You can contribute by adding the subtitles for this video. I will mention your name in the credits.

  2. I guess those arr boiler pipes which are used to warm the town during Winters . Actually i saw it in road of bones documentary

  3. Agar ye India hota na tab sare khidki tuti hoti .Wall per bacho ka name bagera bagera 😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😁😂.

  4. Brother those pipes are for crude oil transportaion it not gone through under earth it is on top because truck and higer dimension vehical transportation 🙂

  5. भाई…. दूसरे देश की अनजान जगह पर, वो भी अकेले कैसे घूम लेते हो….. कहीं किसी ने मामू बना दिया तो 😳।

  6. This big size pipe is Steam delivery pipe. Which is heating the people home. Its central heating system.
    They get from this heating system Electric and heat

  7. Sir visa kaise le .Or ye bata dijiyein ki kajakistan se flight kaise kare .Russia visa me ye sab ghum sakte g

  8. Hi Varun, thanks for such informative videos. I have one doubt. How to find hosts as you did in Russian trip? I mean I think it's a big deal if find a place to stay and save money. Thanks

  9. Great video. Aapki russian sikhne ki koshish baht acchi thi . Russian baht lovely language hai . Russian sikhne k baad aapko bhi ye language baht pasand aayegi

  10. This guy and two other guys from India fly over to foreign countries independent of each other, and hitchhike in foreign countries, and shoot videos in exotic places people do not visit. I used to think that only Americans were friendly, and that people of other countries are bound to be unfriendly.
    Some families spend money to send their kids to college or medical school in countries made famous by the politics of the cold war era: Soviet Union, America, Ukraine, etc. I heard that kids sent by rich parents of third world countries to study in medical colleges or other colleges in Ukraine may be end up being dead, killed by suffocation by lone – wolf local hooligan(s) in the town where the medical college is in Ukraine.

  11. I have seen a lot of travel channels and watch their videos they all are good …but this is the best travel channel i found…be it foreign or desi…yours is the best varun…

  12. I'm so grateful to have discovered your channel; it's like catharsis to me since I have been recovering from depression and anxiety. Soon will be moving to ireland for studies… hope I get to have experiences as such as yours 🙂 Keep exploring new places Varun, good luck..!

  13. English teacher rap was awesome.. actually they enjoy their real life 👌alots of love from punjab, India.

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