How rescuers found the missing Wahiawa hiker

and Rescue Task Force gives a lost hiker a low survival rate if the ordeal goes beyond 51 hours. Local emergency teams have upped those odds with technology. But it all depends on the person stranded doing the right thing. 9″59 IF A HIKER INJURIED OR LOST IF THEY CALL 911 WE’LL GET PERTINENT INFORMATION THAT WILL GIVE US A GPS LOCK ON THEIR LOCATION. WITH OUR EMS SYSTEM, WE GOT AN ENHANCED 911 SYSTEM THAT CAN GIVE US A LOCATION WHERE THE CALL WAS MADE. Not the case in this rescue. 10:30 HE CALLED HIS MOTHER THE FIRST DAY AND WE GOT NOTIFIED THE 2ND DAY SO WE HAD TO PIECE TOGETHER A PUZZLE AND FIGURE OUT WHERE HE WAS FROM WHAT INFORMATION WE GOT SO IT TOOK US A LITTLE WHILE TO DO THIS ONE.10:30 But determination paid off, winning HFD high praise. 12:30 THEY’RE ABSOLUTELY HEROES AND WHEN THEY GET A WIN IT’S A WIN FOR EVERYBODY THAT DOES THIS TYPE OF WORK.

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