100 thoughts on “How A Woman’s Reunion With Son She Did Not Raise Took A Dark And Criminal Turn

  1. You need to pity this woman she's so hurt and y'all don't understand

  2. I'm very glad she went to prison for this. Parents should never get away with this kind of disgusting abuse. Never.

  3. No tears.
    She’s not the victim.
    She’s high af.
    If she were a man she’d be in prison.
    Disgusting and disturbing.
    Once a baby is out.. that baby should never go back in.

  4. “When you last saw your son how long had it been” her answer was “15 or 16 years” THIS KID WAS A MINOR, SHES DISGUSTING SHE SHOULD BE IN JAIL AND SHE SHOULD BE BEYOND ASHAMED

  5. I'm not by all means excusing what she did.. Though the facts stand that she had a absolute HORRID past- it's no surprise that she ended up doing horrid things

  6. I've only watched the 1st 30 minutes, and this might be brought up but Mistie seems under the influence of some sort of medication, she just seems messy. She should instead of feeling sympathy for herself… think about what her birth son just went through. He would have been so nervous, possibly excited to meet his birth mom and probably please her and just want a relationship and she took advantage of him. She manipulated him and she should of been protecting him not abusing him.

  7. I have no sympathy for this woman. She deserves to be locked up. She's disgusting.
    Many people who suffered through trauma would NEVER d anything like what she did.
    She's using her past as an excuse. She's a vile woman who is just playing victim when she's far from it

  8. She’s playing the victim card, notice how women cry and all of a sudden dr. Phil takes it easy on her yet if a man did this and cried she would be attacked and insulted! Dr.Phil is fake and garbage, double standards and a disgusting human being for giving people like this a pass.

    What happened to all the trash of equality?!? So much for that

  9. I can't for the life of me understand why these people go on national tv and air their dirty laundry for the entire world to see. I mean I would be MORTIFIED if I were her. The last thing I would do is broadcast it out into the universe.🤣🤣🤣🤣😣🤮🤯😜 She doesn't seem real bright. 🤔

  10. You definitely wouldn't have done this show if the gender roles were reversed. If that was a man instead of a woman fighting to take a single tear. What do you think? This is a messed up double standard

  11. Why don’t this idiot ever look straight forward or at dr Phil. My 3 year old gives better eye contact and communication

  12. How would anyone try to rationalize this. Doesn't matter if you didn't raise him, he is still biologically your offspring and that is disgusting!

  13. You still got a job so I don't know why you not to be mean some personal issues right now don't take it personal 😉 DJ ICEK 41.

  14. was there any mention on the show about genetic sexual attraction? it's awful but it does happen when birth parents and adopted children who are reunited. all of us find it sickening and so do the people who fall prey to this, but it's been well documented as occurring with other adopted sons reunited with birth mothers and adopted daughters reunited with birth fathers. the sad and sicker part of this incidence is the age of the son. her acting on the attraction with a child is sickening beyond belief.

  15. I hope she gets some help
    What she did was unforgivable but you guys have to have some sympathy for her, she went through a lot – it’s got to have had an effect on her

  16. Even if he wasn't your son you had a sexual relationship with a minor. Just because you never thought of him as your son does not absolve you. Do you need help yes. Do you deserve special favors from the legal system no.

  17. Wether she truly wants the help or not idk. Idk if she even actually feels bad for what she did but at the end of the day you don't do that as a mother who mothered other children she is truly sick…..she really really needs to be watched…

  18. Most of us probably will never understand this horrible action but this comment section acts like they've never had a creepy skeleton in their closet. She's embarrassed herself in front of the whole world to get a specialized type of care. We need to quit shaming people or they will continue hiding in the dark. Is what she did disgusting? Yes. Was she punished? Yes. But……she was groomed as a child for her body to literally respond to her family members. It makes sense to her because it emotionally, physically and sexually must of been normal to her no matter how her logical brain was telling her no. You dont just turn something like that off by yourself without help. This is an inner programming issue not an attraction issue. I was raised around a family of fighters, it took me years to not take that into my own home as an adult and by Gods grace I am still working on it. I cant imagine being raised like this and I ve been through some dark stuff. She must be committed to getting help because her life after this show will never be the same. Careful loves, as you sit in your self righteous chairs, that your flavor of sin may not overtake you publicly. Gods watching and reaping what you sow is a spiritual law of the universe, whether you believe or not.

  19. I dont think she has the mental capacity or emotional capacity to stand in court. Yes she should be punished but also should of seen a psychologist way earlier.

  20. The son is no better to me in this situation. I don’t mean to come off as insensitive but 16 year olds are old enough to know that having a relationship in that manner with their mother is just COMPLETELY wrong.

  21. Did they seriously purposely cut to a chick desperately holding in laughter while looking around for validation that she’s not the only one who finds it funny even though she quite literally was…..
    I just…

  22. Trying to cry and producing no tears always makes me think there is something wrong with them. Remember too many parents doing this on TV after murdering or abusing their children.
    Why she met her son in a motel is beyond me. You meet in a public forum. Her doing that was premeditated to what was happening. She should be on the register for life.

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