Hotelkamercheck visits ‘Oahu’ island of Hawaii

Across the border Hi dear viewers We are over the border … we are in Hawaii !! We are going to visit four islands and we are now on Oahu We are going to show you the highlights of Oahu. Keep watching and like the video after the video! Hey guys, this is our rental car.. ….we rented it for $ 410 for five days. A car is quite necessary if you are in Hawaii It is better not to use public transport. It is very quiet to drive here, everyone is very relaxed. and the roads are very passable. So it is advisable to rent a car here We are going to show you our stay here on Oahu We have rented this accommodation through Airbnb Walk along then I’ll show you! If you rent through Airbnb you can save it under $ 110 per night. Just like this one. The advantage is that it is cheaper… the disadvantage is that you have to share certain spaces. This is actually the owners kitchen.. ..but we may use it. And that is also an advantage because we can cook ourselves if we want. You save some money with that. We are now going to show our own bedroom. They have a cat here that can poop and pee on the toilet… ..this is his own toilet (!!) This is our room. I will switch off the fan for a while because it makes a lot of noise. Don’t pay attention to the mess because we just threw everything down! It is raining very hard right now Look at what a beautiful backgarden we have! We can also make use of it and we can also pick and eat the fruit that grows there. And we have already done that! (very nice) The bathroom… Small but nice a supersonic toilet where your butt is washed and even blown dry!!! Shower Shampoo is also available, so you do not have to bring it yourself And it’s all very clean And then I just want to show our walk-in closet .. That is of course great isn’t it ?! ….. tadaaaaaa !! You can book a hotel room, but then you can do that the best last minute. Then it could be that you get a nice discount But then you have to pay attention, because there are many extra costs such as taxes. In the first instance you think it ‘only’ costs $ 110 … but then there is also tax and…. don’t forget the parking costs .. . because in Waikiki you pay an average of $ 30 parking costs per night, some are even more expensive and some hotels have no parking at all. So keep that in mind if you have a car and want to spend the night in a hotel. This is actually a very good alternative to renting a stay through Airbnb. We like it fine. I just wanted to say that! Look how beautiful the beach is here and how calm it is.. Really beautiful And if you are here anyway .. They have the very best hamburger ever there! The food here is quite affordable We have a meal here for around $10 each. Very nice that you get a cup of water with your meal for free. Well, let’s eat now! Enjoy your meal! We are at the foot of the ‘Diamond head’ here. That is a big mountain behind this We already have a beautiful view here We were lucky because there was a parkingspace free here. You can park here for free, past the tunnel is paid parking, $5,- You are then closer and you have to walk less … but yes, if you are busy then that piece can still be added! We now go through the tunnel and then you pay $ 1 per person to make the trip to the top of the mountain. Just walk with us! Ben is going to buy tickets You see it, there is a traffic jam here .. it’s really wise to park in front of the tunnel. It is only a short walk. And there you see the mountain that we are going to climb! What time is it actually? It is still early in the morning, around half past seven. It’s pretty busy already … let’s get started! We are not quite there yet … look … we have to go there. We are now at a viewpoint. Some people stop here and then go back. If you have difficulty walking then you really cannot do this trip, even with a buggy. We do see people with small children, also older people and jogging people. We will continue again! So Ben, can you still talk a little after 86 steps?! Yeh dude, and that on my slippers! Look there is the top, we are almost there! We’re at the top! and we also show how busy it is here .. (that you don’t think we’re here alone!) We are here at the beginning of the boulevard of Waikikibeach. We have the free tickets! We’re going that way This is a nice beach Free parking, lifeguards, restroom… …and very hot sand by the way! What is the name of this beach, Ben? Oooooh, I don’t know anymore… Just remember it once! ‘Mahaka beach’ We drove like this to the very end of Oahu.. ..and it looks like this It really is the end of the road there. We are now a few miles above Honolulu Beautiful jungle We’re going to see what it looks like Beautiful trail ….but don’t forget to rub in well with anti-mosquito stuff ..because you are completely punctured, they eat you alive. but so beautiful here. Very old trees. Thank you πŸ™‚ Let’s see to the viewers Well, our five-day stay in Oahu is over. There is so much to see here. The same applies to all those sights: Go early … then it is not that busy, there is still enough parkingspace and it is not that hot. The population here is so friendly Although it is quite busy here on Oahu, everyone is relaxed. I drove the car for five days and it went fine The roads are busy but because everyone is relaxed, there is no trafficstress. There is no hunting and honking and stuff, because yes, it is indeed busy on the road. Furthermore, Oahu is beautiful, you saw that in this video We had a great time here, it really is a beautiful island. We are leaving now… We are going to the next island and that is ‘Maui’.. We also go to Kauai and Molokai, so if you want to see those videos, just click here. Don’t forget to like ..and then we will say goodbye … see you on the next island !!…. bye !!

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