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Horror Short Film “Instinct” | ALTER Exclusive

Excited for tonight? Is that her? Yes. That’s Camila Brohm. Uhh, can you just put them in the back? There’s an office around there. Is that thing going into my office? Camila need a space to prep. This is going to be so great Isabelle. She’s already generating tons of press for the gallery. She wants to meet you. They’re for blood letting. Excuse me? I’m not a junkie if that’s what you’re thinking. That wasn’t what I was thinking. Good. I wanted to introduce myself earlier, but I ran off before I could say hello. Camila Brohm. Isabelle. I know. It’s almost surreal to perform at your mother’s gallery. Well, your gallery now. Do you paint as well? No. I assume this is a part of your performance. Maybe. Maybe? Well you’ve never really had a performance artist in your gallery before. But something tells me you’ll enjoy this one. What makes you so sure? You’re still holding my needle. I’ll get out of your way. Isabelle. I want you to be the first one to start off the performance. How? You’ll see. I can hear you Isabelle. Camila? What? You nearly killed me and don’t want to let me in? That wouldn’t have killed you. How do you know? You got a dead body back there, or are you going to let me in? How did you find me here? I have my ways. Do you live here? I work here. Thought you said you didn’t paint. Have you ever shown these at your gallery before? No. Why not? Because they’re not for people. I really like it. Camila, why are you here? Because no one has ever looked at me like you did at the gallery. Kind of like you’re looking at me now. How am I looking at you? I don’t know. But I’m here to find out. To be honest, I wasn’t sure you would like my piece. Everyone knows you’re very hard to please. But I know I wanted to get your attention. When I saw the way you looked at me during my performance… I guess I just didn’t expect to feel the way I did. Fear. A connection. Did your mother teach you to paint? My mother didn’t care much for our paintings. Why not? I think they scared her. That’s what I like about them. Can I ask you something? Why did you leave during my performance? You ask too many questions. Sorry. Bite me again. What is it? I don’t want to hurt you. You won’t. Ever felt this way before? Something wrong? I’m just tired. You should stay. Isabelle. I need to get dressed. I’ll meet you at the door. Sorry.

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100 thoughts on “Horror Short Film “Instinct” | ALTER Exclusive

  1. I found this channel last night and I’ve been watching their videos ever since. They’re so good ❤️❤️

  2. Horrifically beautiful! Or, beautifully horrific? Either way, it was AWESOME! The acting was intense and brilliant! Thank you for bringing us another masterpiece! Sorry, but I just had to say that! 😉

  3. Reminds me of cross between "Bram Stoker's Dracula" and "The Red Violin"… Thanks ALTER for another film to die for!!

  4. Omg i miss painting portraits sooooo much since I've become a new mom.. That bloody alizerin crimson looks deliciously velvety to paint with.. Its gorgeous! Ok now I'm gonna actually watch the rest…..
    A few moments later…
    Omg… WOW…THIS WAS BLOODY BRILLIANT.. It kept my adrenaline going and her humiliation from that terrible rejection fueled her best looking piece there. So it's done in her blood.. Ehhhh… Small price for such fantastic art. Btw they were beautiful pieces. Did I say I missed painting? I do . it's part of my soul…
    Very different style but I loved everything about this creepy elegant film. But seriously.. WOW ❤🙏

  5. Just saw this channel yesterday..subscribed and started watching vids..I got so addicted I stayed up late just to watched every single vids..kudos to the makers and alter for sharing❤️

  6. This was So Good!! It had my heart pounding from the opening scene until the last one. Haven't seen a movie in so many years that raised an automatic response like that. Brilliantly done!

  7. I'm not sure if i feel turned on by this or repulsed, but I'm feeling some kinda way here. Altered possibly 😈🙌👏

  8. ALTER I always enjoy your work.
    Listen through headphones people, so much better.
    8 pints of blood in the body.
    8 pints of paint on the wall.
    Still a good piece of work.

  9. So she kills every woman she sexes then paints n bath in their blood. That girl was way to ballsy for someone ya just met in one day

  10. This could almost be a companion piece to Velvet Buzzsaw. If you don't know it, check it on Netflix and imagine an art gallery run by Alter

  11. 8:23 Also, legally speaking, it would be a conflict of interest if she showed her own paintings at her own gallery. Owners are supposed to be objective in what they display, and showing their own art could open up a can of legal worms with gallery investors and employees, with people citing bias or preferential behavior or something along those lines. That said, she could arrange to have them displayed at a gallery she doesn't own and has no stake in. That would probably be enough to keep the lawyers at bay.

  12. I just discovered this channel not too long ago, and I am soo glad that I did!! Black Mirror is one of my favorite favorite series, I have to say you are right there next to it!! LOVE IT!

  13. At the end when Camila behaved indifferently to Isabella's passionate sexual urge,it was only then that she decided to kill and preserve her like a souvenir. Did she have an infatuation towards Camila?

  14. These are getting more and more predictable; called the paintings the second I saw them; and called her death when they first glanced at each other at the gallery. Someone please be more creative than this drivel… please

  15. 2 weeks before watching this tasty short film, I got my right pointing finger's knuckle veins cut by my display cabinets shattered glass when i intentionally punched the glass due to anger. Its now healed slightly and have a scar. I had it stitched 3 stitches because my blood kept spurting out of the cut vein inside. This reminded me of that incident, lots of blood loss on the floor,bed, i felt the pain inside again when i watched this,very nice film sexy camilla and hot Isabella! Rrraaaawr

  16. what questions me now is where did she hide the bodies. bcs it looks like she live in an apartment. so how(?)

  17. Wow I didn't expect that ending.. I knew she painted with blood but I didn't expect her to kill people In that way to get the blood! These twists are so amazing

  18. I was just thinking that even as exotic it looks to do fetishes or even works like this which has be done before many times….HOW THE HELL CAN THEY DEAL WITH THAT STENCH OF IRONY SMELL OF THE BLOOD…AND W TIME ITS SMELLS EVEN WORST? YUCK GROSS 🤢🤮🤯🤪

  19. Amazing story and acting! I love when horror writers take time to actually emotionally develop their characters. Also, for what it's worth, the girl who played Camilla is absolutely stunning.

  20. Can u imagine the camera close-ups on a woman furiously painting a huge canvas to the intense sounds of a violin:

    Camera pans back:

    It’s a stick figure & smiley face 😂

    Seriously though, I found your channel through the short “Slut” & I cannot get enough. This movie is fantastic. They’re better than full-length movies

  21. Statement from director Maria Alice Arida: "There’s a dark side of women that’s not usually portrayed in films. Female characters are typically delicate, sweet, and loving. But what happens when the dark side of our souls takes over? What lights that fire? These are questions I’ve often asked myself and the main themes I want to examine as a filmmaker. In  INSTINCT my hope is to explore such taboo themes about femininity and female sexuality, and ultimately shed light into what it’s like when we surrender to the darkness."

  22. ti ston poutso einai auth h malakia re gamw thn panagia sas gamw h xeiroterh tainia mikrou mhkous pou exw dei gamw to kefali sas re kai giati na pethanei h camilla..gamw ton theo apla

  23. What a brilliant Artwork!!! 😍👏, I'm talking about the movie 😉 You see the excitement in Isabelle's eyes! Camilla really triggered her (without the Knowledge, what, Isabelle's desires are) She misunderstands Isabelle's Look at her and Isabelle says she "never felt like that before", after the night left, like she gets now left (again?) she decided to keep her and I think it's her best work! I mean, she was practicing before.She hates getting left! She don't wanted to hurt her. Camilla triggered her the whole time! But the leaving was too much. It's sad, she never felt that way before. Her other paintings are completely other than the one she made of Camilla. The patterns are fascinating! She painted her eyes.

  24. I just started watching this channel and IT IS AMAZING i would love to say these actors and the script AND the director are all so amazing at making this film come together, I'm very surprised this is free!

  25. Idk, the moment Camila enters the door i knew something erotic will happen. Maybe it is just my gay INSTINCT🙄

  26. Thank You Alter I Absolutely Love This Channel & Really Enjoy Watching All The Amazing Content. Most Of These Shorts Are Better Than The Full Length Films Hollywood Is Putting Out These Days. 😱❤

  27. Finally!! Finally something worth watching!!! This !!! This entire video was a masterpiece itself!!!! The eyes !!!!! It’s so deep and so in way intelligent!!! The creator is talking about darkness…. I see beauty!! The glances spoke louder the most !!! Wow I’m so overwhelmed with so many heighten emotions!! …… that look when she realized she’s been used and rejected…… I knew what was going to happen!!! But that last bit where she applies the blood on herself and the viewers eyes are without any knowledge is looking at that and once she stops and when the viewer looks at her ….. there !!!!! That moment she’s starring right back at you – making that “connection “ !!!!! Wow !!! I’m mind blown!!!

  28. Is that old lady belongs to vampire family???? She must be the vampire painter 😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  29. i love this channel because i don’t have the attention span to watch full length movies, and these short films keep my attention. love the channel, ALTER ❤️

  30. Ohhh myyyy — getting a HUGE case of the vapors as the Victorian ladies would say. That is the True Ladies of the Night, albeit our artist is a 24 hour feeder. The look on Isabelle's face during the performace piece was sublime and a 'tell' as was the "not for people" remark. Perfect reply. If Camilla was a bit less of a two hour twat — might she be alive? Technically a miss that makes me cringe: without an anticoagulant, exudate blood forms clots in minutes. Camilla's 'paint' wouldn't stay damp nearly long enough. Isabelle's supply jars would hold solid lumps. I still adore Alter! Horror for the intellect as well as the heart and soul! Thank you!

  31. For anyone who has ever watched Deadly Women on ID, Camilla Brown was a deadly woman that shot her husband to death in front of their children that was the first thing that came to mind when I heard her name

  32. Ok . Who all had this feeling 😨"she is paining with blood " – and " the petit girl would give her blood for that painting"
    Well my 2nd statement was half correct-the girl didn't give her blood willing, but isabell betrayed her in the end

  33. Neglectful of me to mention the spot-on musical background and the sparse surgically precise dialogue that gives the bleeding edge an extra panache. Goddess-I LOVE THIS FILM!!! The actresses gave so much with the non-dialogue – excellent use of their craft. I hope to see more of them and of the director's visions.

  34. Wait a second that aunti was really creepy? But I must say she's fucking good at painting ..
    Aunti g ap bht jldi famous hon gi tension ni leni apny

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