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Honolulu firefighters rescue Aiea Loop hikers

Cold, confused, and stranded for the night.. A group of seven hikers had to spend the night near the Aiea Loop Trail. KITV4’s Nana Ohkawa was there for one of the biggest hiking rescues crews have had in quite some time… And has our top story tonight at 6-30. H-F-D air rescue crews were up and flying at first light this morning. A big mission was underway… Plucking seven hikers from a ridge off the Aiea Loop trail. The hikers called saying they were lost at around 7 Sunday night, fire officials say they spotted them in a remote area, but by then it was too dark and cloudy to bring them down. need to use don’t have video of trail 5024 THEY STARTED IN MOANOLUA AND THEY WERE GOING TO TRY AND GET OUT OF HERE AT THE AIEA LOOP TRAIL AND ABOUT HALFWAY THEY RAN OUT OF LIGHT 5033 The rescue had to be carried out two-at-a-time… That’s four separate trips… The hikers later embraced… Happy to be safe and sound. They tell KITV the trouble started when the path they were following ended up NOT being a path! ANDY KELLER – OHIO 3921 WE HAD A BAD FEELING BECAUSE THERE WERE SO MANY RIDGES AND IT KEPT BRANCHING OUT LIKE WE THOUGHT WE WERE ON THE RIGHT RIDGE AND IT WOULD SPLIT INTO THREE DIFFERENT WAYS 29 The hikers say they are experienced hikers and had plenty of water with them. Rescuers say they didn’t consider the elements enough.. Edward Simeona check . Battalion chief. 5219 WE ARE JUST COMING OUT OF THE STORM SO WHAT THEY DIDN’T TAKE INTO CONSIDERATION IS THE CLOUD COVER THAT’S WAY OUT THERE 27 ANGELICA CASTRO- LA CA 4640 THE HIKING GOT REALLY REALLY CLOUDY SO WE COULDN’T SEE AHEAD OF US NOT EVEN TEN FEET IT WAS JUST TOO CLOUDY 4649 Then cloudy turned to cold! 4003 IT WAS FRIGID WE JUST KIND OF CUDDLED UP AS MUCH AS WE COULD TO SAVE THAT BODY WARMTH 18 4023 WHAT WAS IT LIKE WHEN YOU HEARD THE HELICOPTER COMING PROBABLY THE BEST FEELING IN MY LIFE 29 Nana Ohkawa KITV4 news. The rescue falls within the operating budget.

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