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Homeschool Nature Hike and Nature Journal!

– We love using crock pots,
you can just throw the food in at the beginning of the
day and then you have dinner at the end. But, we hate cleaning the crock pot. We use a little scraper
thing, scrape, scrape, scrape. Anyway, so we were reading
a recipe this morning and it had the suggestion
to use the spray-spray stuff, nonstick spray in
the crock pot, and we were like, why have we never thought of that? I mean, this might actually work. (playful music) – You know you’ve found
good friends when they hang out with you even
when you’re carrying a silly camera around all the time. This is Liesl, and Alaya,
and Ari, and Zellie. Let’s see the scavenger
hunt piece of paper. – [Isaac] I got one checked off. – Ooh, one checked off already? So I’m totally not cutsie
about anything at all, ever. But I love on Pinterest
sometimes I can find stuff that’s all ready and I just print
if off and we’re good to go. – Look! That’s a black walnut. – [Kendra] It’s telling us about the tree. It’s a black walnut tree. Isaac, did you know
we’ve got one of these in our back yard? – Yeah.
– Oh do you really? – There we go, black walnut. That’s awesome. Oh yeah, you found one, too. What kind of spider did we find? – [Alaya] That’s a daddy longlegs. – [Kendra] Nice. – [Caleb] Will we kill it? – (kids yelling) No! – [Kendra] No, Cubby, we don’t kill them. (kids chattering) (singing) This is gorgeous! (“The Four Seasons” by Vivaldi) We are trying to catch
the leaves as they fall. Oh, there comes another one. Oh, here comes a bunch, get ’em, get ’em! Should have brought the stroller, dang it. Fatal error there, Mr.
Caleb want to be held, and of course, Laura’s in the pack. So we’re tired, we’re a
little bit hot, and we get to the head of the trail
and my keys are gone. So, my car keys, they’re
somewhere on this trail. So Isaac is my helper, coming with me. Liesl has the other kids back
at the head of the trail. It was around here. (leaves crunching) (gasps) There they are! There they are, my keys! Hallelujah! Feeling grateful that we
found the keys, and grateful that it was something
like keys that you notice right away, so it’s not
like I can get home and then realize that I lost my phone,
or my camera, or something. Okay, so we’re driving along
and my nose started itching, and so I told the kids
that there’s an old saying that if your nose itches,
somebody is thinking about you. I hope that’s an old
saying, maybe it’s not. Anyway, that’s what I thought. – My butt itches, and my nose
itches and my head itches, so three people are thinking about me. – (laughs) Awesome! Okay, I’m itching again, you guys must be thinking about me. – I’m thinking about you, mommy. – You’re thinking about me? – Are you thinking about me? – Well, stop it, stop thinking about me! Mama doesn’t want her nose to itch. Picnic lunch, lunch bunch. So I just tried one of these
things with Laura yesterday and it was actually a hit. I was super excited about that. Because it’s super easy to feed it to her. Oh, what do you think? Miss Elise loves to cook with me, and she is helping me out here. She actually just cracked her first egg. Okay, so go ahead, let’s try the next one. You can do it. (cracks egg) – Whoa. – Pretty good! Pretty good, remember, it takes practice. While the brownies are baking
in the oven, and dinner is finishing in the crock
pot, and Laura and Caleb both happen to be asleep
right now, which is nothing short of a miracle lately. So, it’s just nice and
quiet and peaceful in here. Elise, tell us about your picture. – This is the purple flowers that I saw. They have different flowers
than each one flower. – [Kendra] Each bud has
a bunch of different little flowers in it? – Yeah. We found turtles. One had yellow dots, and
the other had orange dots. This is a picture of them. – Alright, dinner’s almost
ready, Dad just got home from work and we are having,
what would you call this, what we’re doing? – [Jeremy] It’s a math competition. – [Kendra] We’re having
a math competition. Everybody has a board with addition facts, and we have to see who can
get all of theirs right in the shortest amount of time. Ready, on your mark, get set, go! Got it, got it! Woo hoo! – So there’s one spot here
that’s a little bit crusty that I’m, it’s coming off,
so, spray, like spray-spray into the crock pot, and
it doesn’t get all crusty. Who knew? Why didn’t we think of that?

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