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A hearing man with a beard was walking. He had a backpack. He was a hitchhiker. The deaf man was driving and spotted the hitchhiker. He told
him to come get in the car. The hearing man tried to talk with
him, but didn’t know sign language. The deaf man pointed to
his ears. The hearing man sighed, “Fine.” He got his iPhone X and typed “Can you go to ”Fremont?” The deaf man nodded. He started driving and then speed up to
180 mph! The hearing man got scared. A cop pulled him over.
The deaf man pointed to his ears. The cop didn’t know sign
language, so he let him go. The deaf man was happy! The hearing man was shocked. By afternoon, the deaf man got tired. He doesn’t want to
crash! The hearing man asked to switch places. Then, the hearing man started driving while the deaf man
was sleeping. He got bored. So, he speed up to 202 mph!
He laughed! He screamed! He whooped! He cheered! He is excited! The deaf man is still sleeping. he cop pulled him over. The hearing man had an idea: point
to his ears and be deaf! But the cop had deaf parents and knew
sign language. Busted!
The hearing man got a ticket. Sigh.

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