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Hiking with my dog: 3 day 2 night Canadian Rockies backpacking trip, Glacier Lake, Banff May 2019

oh this is just sick it’s absolutely
sick here absolutely love this place! well ladies and gents here we go the
winter the never ended has finally ended we’re hitting some trail this is Maddie
with Devon and Craig we’re hiking at a glacier lake and this is your first time
checking out my channel I do a ton of hiking and backpacking if you a ton of
hammock camping in the Canadian Rockies if that interests you click on that
subscribe button like I said we’re hiking in a glacier
lake hopefully you guys tag along and enjoy well here we are North
Saskatchewan River for me this is wicked this is the river that flows right
through my hometown in Edmonton so here I am about four and a half five hours
away and about the ball across the bridge to our Saskatchewan absolutely F
and gorgeous O today though this is ridiculously nice Wanda hey come on yeah
I’m fun I’m gonna cross the bridge oh this is gorgeous dude this is the
nicest mother I’ve ever had hiking into this place because we know it dude it’s
gonna be nice weather all weekend then it’s sunny all weekend I am I’ve been
getting rained on the last couple years oh this is fantastic in Wanda the good
girl right to the end of her leash gives me
plenty of space so they do for Wanda is I just give her a six and a half foot
lead hook it up to the waist belt on my pack and I just let her go she just
trots in front of me she gets to the end of it realizes kind of picks up my pace
and then she just goes pretty good little system alright we are about two
kilometers into the hike so far and we are gonna take a break here this is kind
of a pre-planned break spot one of my absolute favorite places in all of Banff
National Park we are at the look out of the house River Valley so 2015 when I
went in did my attempt at house pass and I didn’t make it I went down that way
but yeah they got some nice Parks Canada our red benches here absolutely
phenomenal Oh like hello summer oh let’s get the
packs off and take a break this is unreal not too bad for a spot to stop
and have some lunch I’ve got some pitas and deli meats today absolutely gorgeous
out oh wow this is absolutely sick kind of feel bad
for mark and Brett and Kirsten listen this today I’ll get it tomorrow it’ll be
nice to you look at this view ladies and gents and
my dog had a girl get in there so outside dog it’s chilled here along the
house forever gonna grab some water getting my last looks to the house river
here no no how much you’re gonna see through the trees but we’re gonna our
last looks to the river and now we’re gonna make our way up through the trees
the last six kilometers or so to glacially a bit of a hold of climbin
yeah she’d be there in a boat hour-and-a-half they figure a very happy
puppy right now she’s got to jump in and go for a little roll in the river cool
yourself off yeah girl absolutely gorgeous day out today though hello he
found a little bit of snow Oh too much but a bit
hey do you find snow not the funnest shit to hike through that’s for sure not
the fun hey human girl not the funny should hike through a gray not the
funnest shit to hike through yeah yeah you look really good though you look
really good though well after spending the last couple
hours walking through the trees here Oh baby wait till you see the view I get
hold on here I just got to get a picture of a sign here hold on something I do I
take a picture of all the signs that come across it’s just kind of one of my
things but I’m here I’m at the lake and hold my god it’s gorgeous
alright hold on let’s walk down here let’s give you guys a view oh we got
this is absolutely spectacular this is one of my favorite places to come in
Banff National Park alright ladies and gents
welcome to glacier Lake Wow how epic is this absolutely sick I got two nights
here so the camp is down the beach this way oh you know that wand off here for a
bit we’re gonna chill will wait for Craig and Devin walk down to camp with
them but this is absolutely spectacular here Wow phenomenal hey Wanda what do you think yeah you
wanna go on that water all right let’s get this pack off you okay Wanda this is
the first Lake that Remi ever came to I’m gonna go
Wanda’s first time in an alpine lake you go baby go in go in
that’s yours this all yours that’s all yours my girl go right in there oh yeah
you go lay in it there you go there’s my girl lay in that Lake hey hey
hey goofy girl oh my goodness Wanda Wow so
it’s just Craig’s first time a glacier lake here as well hey man Wanda – this
is sick we had this for two days man camp is just something that you can see
the picnic tables just over there yeah weeks of the trails right here and it
follows the beach and then wraps all the way around to the Lyell glacier at the
back see how far we can get maybe even if we just walk over there and get some
better views well guys and gals we got camp set up we got dev here is
ultralight warrior you got my new set up you’ll definitely give you guys a good
look at that this weekend I am super stoked to check this thing out and we
got Craig here so this is it this is what I’ve been racking my brain overall
winner this is my hammock set up with the dog I’m super happy with it so the
red there that’s one is bed and then all my gear lays in here and she’s fully
sealed and yeah she’d be pretty sweet we waited all winter for days like this
gorgeous blue sky like just fantastic views and oh you guys could do everyone
okay really it makes it more fun you know show the world were for fun people
Maddy’s a fun guy subscribe to his channel ever exposed to
play fetch with my dog right hey come on come here right here drop it wanted to
drop it Hey Daphne’s on him take your ball it’s
bigger than your head good curl oh the famous glacier lake shelter the
alcoholic cabin this place is absolutely sick can’t get enough of it you guys
want to close up of the glacier yeah all right they take a stroll over that way
tomorrow see how we’re feeling I’m honestly hopefully fine just chilling
here I’m pretty sure at some point tomorrow I’m gonna lay Wanda’s pad right
down here and take a fuckin nap right on this Beach oh this is the next 48 hours
of my life I believe the agenda for the evening is gather some wood and start a
fire and that’s all we’re doing well it took us all about 10 minutes but
we’ve got plenty of wood for the night nice fire going all right this is
ridiculous and this kind of shit pisses me off beyond belief look at this this
is a fire pit that we’re dealing with here now I can feel the heat off of this
already so whoever is here the night before us did a real piss-poor fucking
job of putting their fire out the piss off teamwork in action it’s about 9
o’clock right now the Sun has just dipped down right in these clouds here
behind me so we are waiting for the sky to light up it’s kind of starting to get
that little bit of a pink hue I don’t know if the cameras catching it but one
and I just decided to go for a little walk down the beach an hour so by
ourselves and absolutely gorgeous out tonight though hey come on come on you keep going what a place to walk your dog
hey yeah good night my girl you done all right oh she’s just sick it’s absolutely sick
here absolutely love this place yes we walked back side of the lake a
little bit camp is way back over there see the tents there holy just glass or flexions off the
water here absolutely stunning oh hello maybe you guys can tell why
this is one of my favorite places to come in bath
yeah great early season hike we did see a bunch of snow on trail on the way in
but it’s all pretty hard packed we weren’t really posthole and snow she’s
definitely not neat at this point yeah just absolutely phenomenal here like oh
I absolutely love this place for such an easy walk in this place is absolutely
fantastic I absolutely love it here great place to walk your dog teeth god
damn it’s pretty oh so pretty well there’s been the end of day one Rhonda
and I are all curled up in bed she’s all settled underneath me I think she’s
gonna be all right maybe Wanda you know sleep good yeah all
right I’m gonna guess who’s the owner 5:58 water going from breakfast coffee
ready so the gorgeous little bit of ice layer
on the lake this morning it’s really pretty anyone to me girl
someone’s happy this morning hey get out of the water it’s too cold for that
Reena guarantee she’d lay in it oh man this place is amazing absolutely
gorgeous here dude absolutely gorgeous this is sick
oh yeah getting some breakfast I’m going it’s so absolutely peaceful here in the
morning good morning Daphne how are you okay
she’s so awesome too for you love your dog oh I just love this you get your
stick Wanda come on get your stick come on baby let’s go Daphne jizan want your stick you can
play Wanda Hey all right okay you go front going this way go this way we got your stick
you got just boom killer who’s excited puppy who’s excited puppy
what are you doing alright so if you saw my my gear video for this trip you may
have noticed I did not include my silky gone boy and I did bring it I threw it
in my pack first thing in the morning before I left so as you guys know yes I
did bring my cell with me I’m not trying to pull a fast one on you I just uh yeah
we decided bring the saw have a fire that’s why it’s here so add like half a
pound of my packing kit alright well this is looking in where Wanda and I
slept last night it actually worked out awesome she slept like a champ she woke
up a couple times and like shaking her blanket off of her and I had to like
wrap the blanket up back around her but yeah she slept great it worked awesome
I am super stoked that this setup worked uh uh yeah I was a little nervous about
it I wasn’t really sure how it was gonna work out but it has worked out and I am
super stoked having camping with the dog is gonna
happen all frickin year this year I’m super excited Wanda Wanda come here come
here come see hi Lucy hi people yeah you look hammock camping is a
pretty sweet place to go hey Deb you remember we started a fire
this morning teamwork this is why we hike right here shit like
this it’s like she’s here in avalanches go off last night it was kind of cool
the whole Bush avalanche is going off on the other side here one day we’re up in
about three got it take a pee just kind of sit here and just listen and go off
and you just go through this whole bowl here super cool is spectacular here yeah
this is sick come on come on me girl let’s go come on come on let’s go come on are you having fun you having fun
Hey oh yeah there’s a loving this just Ronin laughs see oh sorry guys we
had Emma that I literally just nerd it out for like the last 45 minutes on
hammocks and tarps us up and I didn’t video you a single thing yeah epic fail
on my part but I promise you guys it was really really good
hello just take a little stroll with the other side of the lake just kind of
enjoying the day is absolutely gorgeous so today like phenomenal oh wowzers
this pretty wicked here’s a view what I’m looking at here check this out let’s go on the beach fun enjoyable just
Craig up ahead holy stripping for me
is that all he’s taking off that’s not all you’re taking off it
that’s not why you’re taking off right you take it more often the coat Poor
Bear skinny dip would you guys like to see Craig go skinny dipping give me a
thumbs up if you would good girl there you go now you’re swimming girl we are expecting three more friends
meeting us tonight so we’re probably gonna turn back and head back at some
point pretty quick here but absolutely gorgeous so today this is amazing speaking of views hello baby
yeah this sucks we should go home hey Wanda he won the
home he had it had it with this place happy dog you go lay in the water yes
yes you can lay down go lay in the water I’ll figure it out there you go over it
we’re gonna scramble I’m gonna scramble okay let’s do it nervous about but
whatever it’s actually nothing nothing but views unbelievable man I really hope
the camera is capturing just like the gorgeous blue screen water here I don’t
know if that’s gonna show up but I really hope it does and all these
freaking reflections oh we are back in camp so waiting for mark and Bretton
Kirsten to show up but little lunchtime action show you guys what video going on
here not much there got some ramin’s you don’t need wraps meats and cheese and
like the view is okay it’ll do kinda I’m pretty disappointed actually yeah I want
my money back there’s only like six no I know I’d like
to complain to the manager Oh lunch is done I think the view
give me girl hey that’s all right Hey oh we have visitors Britt and Kirsten
made it yeah like you gonna do you need that for the video or no
yeah just pad just go past my hammock you’ll see it there’s it’s like a little
fully enclose outhouse bread and Kirsten are here and Mark is here to welcome
mark the group is here the meeting of I guess this is now the the hiking fam now
everybody is hiking found everybody’s met this is wicked this is like what
we’ve talked about for a while it’s like actually happened yeah no doubt this is
awesome yeah we mark and Craig finally got out together after trying to plan a
trip for like the last two years we all finally got out together and one dead
Wanda he’s pretty tired he’s been running a lot this morning thick red for
four hours this morning like I’m so freakin happy right now like this hey
all my hiking people here I like all my multiple hiking founds with me this time
like everybody’s meeting up this is awesome absolutely stoked we got some
wicked weather you have a wicked fire tonight have an awesome time this is
wicked this is a fantastic way to start off a hiking season I got some pad thai
from happy act never tried it before see how it goes
sweet new stuff new foods always do that take a look inside oh he’s got peanut
butter is corn in there actual pieces of corn in there and broccoli because it’s
a butter Greg I’ve said in your pot off you’re boiling yeah yeah you were boiling hot boiling
my dinner tonight Mountain House lasagne meets off this is my absolute favorite
Mountain House meal I am so stoked it’s effin delicious let’s pull the
water in and make this all right so pro tip when you have your bag of mountain
house food too close to your stove and it melts a hole in it this is why you
always carry freezer bags that’s right cooking my dinner in a freezer bag
tonight awesome so Craig happy AK Express well I’ll buy it again for sure
it’s a little bit though I think two people could share this one but it’s
really tasty like pull chunks of corn and stuff in there it’s really good hiking is good get all the leftovers
that people do need for dinner get some lasagna for dinner tonight so she’s got
her I put her booties on the the beach
outside here is all rocks you can see but the rocks have been pretty rough on
her feet so got her booty zoner this is a pretty sick way to end an
evening we got a fire going in conversation children on the fire I am
going to end this one here and I’m gonna spend the rest of my mic chillin with my
buddies oh there she is one absolutely exhausted puppy she’s a
huge day ran around a ton her feet are a little sore the rocks were a little
rough on her feet today so hopefully she’s better in the
let’s take a slow easy hike oh but yeah she’s pretty bagged and I hi I’m curled
up in a hammock and I’m actually gonna watch the rest of free solo tonight
which I’m pretty stoked about great show if you have not seen it yet you guys
should watch that anyways oh good morning it is day 3 a little bit of rain
last night but everybody stay nice and dry one is
super happy and chipper Daphne’s doing good this morning
time to get some breakfast it’s a little socked in this morning but not Reena
anymore something looks things gonna burn off the clouds and I get some nice
breakfast views hopefully but you know Wanda wants her breakfast
sugary to breakfast hey your breakfast should we get breakfast let’s go get her
oh she’s starting to clear out this is looking gorgeous
this is absolutely sick this is freaking pretty do you this is awesome yeah these clouds are just burning right
off and this is getting absolutely stellar here of course as always mark
brings out the fancy toys to show off this is one of his Neela Berg’s mark which model is this the Rogen it’s
a 2p one of the red label so the three season yellow label sorry it’s one of
their three seasons I don’t know all the Hillenburg stuff I try I’m a poser
just look at the super cool tent though yeah the super-sweet cool thing here
about the camp a glacier lake is you actually do get a fully enclosed pretty
which is pretty awesome I do like the Green throws a Jasper I I’m totally cool
pooping with a view but the fully enclosed outhouse is kind of nice Wanda
basically sleeps right under here underneath me wrapped her up in a red
blanket it got pretty close to freezing last night so I wrapped up to the
blanket she stayed nice and warm she’s me directly underneath me so anytime she
sits up and puts her head up or whatever I feel it so it kind of jostles me so
like I wake up I can just resound you’re a scratch or whatever yeah rain last
night we see nice and dry yeah yeah a little teaching we’re gonna make to the
system we’re gonna figure out a way to utilize the side poets that we have on
the super stoked with it Wanda come here hi hi do you like this hey you
just wondered that so I want this house do you like it oh yeah yeah
this is our pet palace you’re loving this thing let’s take a little bit of a
closer look bill and Wanda do you like your house so there’s a little bit of
dirt and stuff and crap inside mostly that’s off of her she just her long hair
she gets covered in twigs and whatever so I think that’s just something I have
to deal with was shaking this thing I would after every night but I had to do
that with her in the tent anyway so I’m kind of used to it yeah super happy with
a menacing worked out awesome worked out better than I expected it to she did
awesome with it so yeah definitely definitely very promising very promising
very happy with this setup loving it loving it the the partial underquilt
huge win huge win zero issues being cold whatsoever yeah this hammock like thing
absolutely sick I absolutely love it he’s got to do it man you’re on video
now the pressures on Oh baby there you go you’ll get him wanna go get him go in
there girl you don’t even want to go in my girl do ya Oh Wanda sure like here
Marky’s gonna stay and enjoy a gorgeous gorgeous spot to himself lucky bastard
no one else shows up you got an absolutely gorgeous view today my man
but mark I’ll probably talk to you tomorrow
at some point yeah I was have a good night my bro Laci Lake she’s a Blythe
whoo the fun climb Oh – glacier Lake she is steep coming out of there but he hit
the climb out away hurry to the start of the day it was just kind of nice
it’s tasted cool this morning so we’re dealing with almost at the snow section
you’ll pack for Wanda today I uh I took her pack which I do for REME when he
comes out with me I always carry his stuff on the last day I mean not like she’s got much weight in
there but it’s only her second backcountry trip with me ever so I
really want to make sure it becomes a positive thing for her so make sure
she’s having a good day enjoying this yeah not much reviews for the next bit I
don’t really see much so we get back to the house all right all right now I got
Wanda off leash she’s actually right behind me want to go on the front go
you lead go go go good girl okay so this is what I’ve been working on with her
training let her get here see she gets a little bit ahead of me but she pops her
ears back I don’t think is seen on camera but her years when she’s a hep
ahead of me hurt years of directly behind so she’s listening to me
Wanda behind she should let me pass her Wanda
hey Wanda wait behind it no she’ll let me pass
and she just talks right in behind me and she’ll stay right there until I tell
her to go in front that’s good dog okay one in front go go
in front you go she is so what that was for training for that there’s a lot of
treats honesty by a lot of these little they’re like tricky trainers are like
zero-calorie training treats so every time I have rode at the off leash like
I’ll take her and Remy out separately a lot of times instead of taking them
together that way it’s more just her and I one-on-one engagement and uh I’ll just
let her try up ahead of me Wanda behind wait behind no behind Wanda oh if she
hears Daphne up ahead that’s why she’s deaf okay go ahead
call me death mr. boy go get him all these girls are having a blast this
weekend oh that is pretty pulling it out of the trees here done
the climb in and uh you guys want to see one happy puppy wait till we find a spot
where she can get in the water here right up at the corner here there’s a
spot over there the house shell was out she can get in one of these channels you
know let her go get a dip but oh yeah baby house River Valley absolutely
gorgeous here man they absolutely love this area this is
spectacular what a weekend hey what a weekend my
girl moto weekend my girl oh it’s so good much better weather in your last
trip hey no snow this time only rained at night
stay dry it’s alright hey that’s alright hey yep this is pretty sick ladies and gents
this is pretty wicked all right we girl let’s find you spot to get in the water
cold water will cool off we’ll get drink just gonna lay down good
girl pull yourself off baby did he cool
yourself off baby hey oh that’s nice
it’s a happy puppy there’s a happy puppy oh we are on about the lost baby I know
15 20 minutes for a walk we stopped at the red chairs had a little break enjoy
the view take some more pictures and now we got a little bit of a forest walk on
the way out to end our trip just like I ended my hike of the Cline river in
landslide Lake I’m checking Craig out on the way out
views are pretty spectacular great weekend boys great weekend you got back
behind but yeah um if you guys have watched till the end thank you guys for
tagging along we had a blast not 100% sure what the next trip is gonna be
we’re gonna try and get out and then Isis couple weeks here so stay tuned to
the channel we’ll keep you guys posted click on that subscribe button you have
not already if you enjoyed sums up like the video as always I am Maddie
there’s Wanda in here somewhere hey I think I got another shot I know I can
tell but yeah we’re gonna blast thank you guys so much for watching I will see
you on the next one yeah click the Bell click the Bell

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8 thoughts on “Hiking with my dog: 3 day 2 night Canadian Rockies backpacking trip, Glacier Lake, Banff May 2019

  1. Sweet hammock setup, like how everything is contained underneath the tarp! Plus extra protection for your dog from the yoddies. LOVE that dog!!

  2. Dude. I need to rock out there with ya. Amazing. Great vid. Let’s get something on the books bro. Hit me up.

  3. Solid video, how long ago was this? I was there last weekend with my hammock setup as well, absolutely beautiful area!

  4. Love your enthusiasm! What a great trip!
    When I see that giant lake and I get to wondering what kind of fish you could be pulling out of those icy depths.

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