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Hiking with Beard Products? | What I Do.

alright guys today we’re gonna be
talking about hiking and beard products how they should go together if they
should go together so stay tuned through the intro what’s up my name is Doug the bearded
outdoorsman welcome to another video if you’re new here if this is your first
time and you enjoy beard product reviews gear reviews gear tips you’ve come to
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button ok so today we’re gonna be talking about hiking and beard products
now there have been a couple videos put out on YouTube recently about camping
and beard products and what you should do to take care of your beard while
you’re camping however I personally relate with hiking and not camping I’m
not a camper I’m a hiker what that means for me is I generally go from point A to
point B or I start at Point a and do a large loot and come back to that same
spot to leave I never stay in the same spot more than one night and everything
that I need is on my back and I carry with me so carrying extra weight in the
sense of beard products to me is not worth it ok so I recently did a video
about lightening your pack how to lighten your pack when you go
backpacking or hiking I’ll put that card up top so you can check it out but to me
beard oil or beard products and say a glass bottle is a luxury item it’s
something that you don’t have to have but something you choose to take to make
your trip or your experience better alright so for me personally I’m gonna
tell you what I do on any hiking trip that I have actually I have one coming
up in a few weeks and this is what I’m going to do for that hiking trip ok so
for me step one which will be the day that I leave I will co-wash I won’t wash
with a stripping soap or a pine tar soap I’ll wash with a co wash and basically
what that’s gonna do is gonna give me that added conditioning other than just
rinsing my beard and that co wash is gonna give me the conditioning aspect
that I need after I do that co-wash I’m going
to add in an oil and a conditioning bomb I’m not going to use a firm holding bomb
and I’m not going to use one for styling aspect I’m gonna use one that’s
conditioning and I’m going to put it all through my beard all right and then
really step two is when you get home I don’t comb my beard I do nothing to my
beard while I’m hiking my generally my hiking trips are three to four days long
I do nothing to my beard while I’m on the trail however when I get home I will
use a good pine tar soap and strip my beard down to its bare minimum at that
point then I’ll do a conditioning a co-wash and then I’ll put in the the oil
and the conditioning balm again just to help rehydrate my beard and get it where
it needs to be I’ve done this for numerous trips I’ve never had an issue
with that so do not think that a three or four day even a five day hike that
you have to take beard products because you will be okay
this videos short and sweet but I think it’s to the point so just be mindful if
you want to carry it all power to you carry it and enjoy your hike but you
don’t have to if you don’t carry it your beard is not gonna fall out you’re not
going to die of itching beard so just be mindful do what you want to do I’m just
giving you my opinion and what works for me
alright guys until next time stay bearded get outdoors and god bless

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3 thoughts on “Hiking with Beard Products? | What I Do.

  1. Aloha Bearded Hiker! Happened on your videos yesterday when researching a Holy Stone drone. Subscribed and was just notified of your recent tips for new hiker video. Well done. As an addicted long distance hiker I can appreciate your helping the new hikers with solid reasonable advice. I would also add that new backpackers may wish to hike around the neighborhood with all the gear they believe they will need to carry, and even camp in the back yard a time or two before going. Both actions can be helpful and an eye opener.

    A question for you, I believe you are in Georgia… are you also an addicted long distance hiker and have hike the Appalachian Trail (AT)? One of the best times of my life. Loved seeing the guys that started without a beard and the end results for those that made it to the end. Hiking and backpacking…. a great place for beards and beardless!

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