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She looks like a prophet! For my friends in Wisma You must come here! Now, we are on the way to Trolltunga Not arrived yet I saw the sign over there We just walked for 3 km So, We need to walk 8 km more to Trolltunga! Honestly Trolltunga is 700 m high above sea level But to go there we have to walk to a long flat path so We need to walk for 11 km what are you doing? I was falling Everybody, I am wet! Freezing! Freezing? Frezzing Magic Monkey? #$%^ So, Now we are heading to Trolltunga And about 2 km we will arrive Good luck! Look! Vidya has a stick! Look like what? like a prophet! Which Prophet? Nuh Prophet I don’t know! maybe my walking style is wrong! We are in Trolltunga now FInally, after walked for 11 km Finally, we are done! After I get sick with selfi we were holding hand each other in Trolltunga Look like the successful team party So, now we are going back

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