47 thoughts on “Hiking to the Hollywood Sign! Pat from Life Noggin and Kati | Kati Morton

  1. Collab yay!! Fun videos on your channel like this make me more relaxed just watching it. I'm watching it now to help me sleep 🙂
    I've been having a kind of intense week… but today I squeezed in time to go for a short walk outside with a friend, and that helped me get through the day. So I guess that is my 'happy hour'

  2. Yay I love when You put out videos I am so thankfull for everything you do I just came home It rains like crazy but I feel ok

  3. after watching this video, there's the annotation for "how do you know if you have depression"

    guess that's a hint?

  4. Hi Kati,

    I wanted to firstly say thank you for everything you do for the topic of mental health. I'm a GP (Family doctor) in England as well as running a drug rehabilitation clinic and so I see patients with mental health problems every day, mostly those with depression and anxiety. Its amazing that you have been able to spread so much awareness about these conditions so for that I wanted to say thank you!

    You're an inspiration 🙂

    All the best

    Dr Varun Mudigonda

  5. For my happy hour, I called my best friend for a catch-up. I moved away a couple of months ago and although I’m really enjoying my new life, I really miss my friends from back home. It was so nice to chat about everything that’s been going on in our lives (mostly good stuff, he went on a date and it went super well and my degree is going really well!)

  6. I lovee this! It felt like I was hiking along even tho I’m inside… wearing pyjamas… but feeling good haha and that’s what matters

  7. Just the idea of living in the city full of every sort of people that will go out of their way to interact with you makes me too nervous to consider it. Predators go out of their way to find any weakness to exploit in strangers, usually empathy.

  8. I lived in NYC my entire life and I agree. People here are too rushed and rude to care about anyone else. Very rare to meet someone who actually isn't self-absorbed and borderline narcissistic.

  9. Kati, I’m still rather new to watching your videos, but I was wondering if I could make a video request :). In a future video, could you touch base on the topic of overcoming public embarrassment? I feel like over the last few years I’ve put myself out there into the world a little more than I’m actually comfortable with and I’m still feeling a lot of anxiety from it all. I’ve blogged about personal struggles and people I know in real life have seen this blog and i find myself wanting to just hide out in a dark room these days. I don’t know how many people out there can relate but I’d love to finally overcome it.

  10. Hey Kati, Random question, what is your diet like, are you a vegan? I know you enjoy yoga and hiking but I wondered how you keep healthy and what you think is healthy when it comes to food, also do you personally think you can recover from an eating disorder eating plant based foods? are you truly recovering if you are technically cancelling out "food groups"?

  11. I loved hiking the Hollywood Sign this summer! So sweaty and I got so burnt but it was amazing and I got to do it all with my dad.

  12. Hi Kati. I need your advice cuz idk what's happening anymore. I just watched your video on the topic of self diagnosis and I'm not sure if I should trust my own opinion or my parents. I'm legitimately convinced that I have something psychologically wrong with me. Some form of psychosis… idk which one. I already have been diagnosed with really bad ADHD and I'm pretty sure I have extreme anxiety. But the thing is I'm constantly losing countless nights of sleep, I'm hearing things all the time (not necessarily voices but all sorts of noises that aren't there), I see things CONSTANTLY whether it's just out of the corner of my eye or whether it's right in front of me, my biggest fear (the dark) has been rapidly getting worse and worse over the past year or two, to the point where I can't look into a dark room without running away from it as quickly as possible. I also constantly feel like I'm being watched and I'm never alone. Because of this I refuse to go (almost) anywhere alone and I cannot ABSOLUTELY CANNOT handle silence. I hear everything around me even if it's not there and it causes major panic attacks and I can't seem to function correctly anymore. I've also noticed that more recently (past year or two) whenever someone makes me mad, I get REALLY violent. I accidentally stabbed someone in the hand with a compass and they started bleeding… idk what to do in scared for myself and people around me. Help me please.

  13. I loved to be outside and hiking,fishing, whatever ! I still try to at least go out on the deck . My husband has to carry my out there, thanks to my health. Anyway awesome video !!

  14. you are not allowed to hike to the hollywood sign because people vandalize it the last youtuber i know who got to do the weird hike that was also off trail was RWJ and he was even caught and told to turn back

    thx for this awesomely ha bisky vid still i enjoyed this

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