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Hiking to Bastille – Grenoble | A big car in the road | Mont Blanc | Part III

I think, this is the way to go up. And now it is her destiny. Came back at the same place This side is all about adventure sports. The fellow is struggling I can see 4 flags This one is European Union This one is French I have no idea about these two flags I am following the same road to go down I am not taking Another road Most of the trails Of this hikes These roads Most of the roads have proper Direction everywhere To get idea about the destination Those are mostly specific With the destinations and the distance And therefore There is a little chance of getting lost As the directions are given But I do not have much time It is now 5:40 I have to get down A big set back I was taking the same road And when I was getting down A person told me That way is closed Apparently, I was wrong I was on the wrong road It was a different road Actually, I came through this road This bench Water These were the marks I remember that this was the road This peak at the distant This is Mont Blanc The highest Peak of Apls 4696 m It is really nice that Mont Blanc is visible from this far And it is peeking through the mountains The annoying stairs are not very far Everybody is running People are fit One of the most bizarre thing I have done today I really don’t remember if I did this before Filled the water From washroom And drank I asked a person, is it drinking water He said, “Ya, it’s good”. Took the water Usually sunset time is late here Approximately 9 pr 9:30 pm But in the mountain It is better to get down by 8 pm or so. Now it is 6:15 pm Maximum 2 to 2:30 minutes, not more than that Cause in the mountain The visibility is not clear like now Due to the huge amount of trees This condition is also not suitable For us People are cycling in this steep road Stamina. This place is connected by main bus routes I have given some links in the description If anyone is come to Grenoble They can check these routes To travel by bus I am not sure how does this Big car come to this place This is called enthusiasm But I had gone up from a different route I cam to a different Route I think, this is a separate way I have to look into the map I guess, I am on a different route This is not the earlier route I have to look into the map I don’t think that this will be far Approximately I came across Two bridges It will be 200 m It will not be more than 5 minutes walk The road is Very nice Pavement Trash Car The church At the far end Gothic style My cycle is somewhere around there There is another advantage Of the walk That is, calorie burning Good for the weight Good for appetite But not good for the legs This is the bridge Which We saw earlier in the morning And my cycle will be there on the opposite side of the bridge

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  1. তোর ধারাভাষ্যটা ভীষণ মজার। ওটা তোর কাজের বৈশিষ্ট্য। 😍

  2. খুব ভালো লাগলো। আরো নতুন নতুন জায়গা দেখার আশা রইলো।

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