I’m going up on the Makiki hiking trail today. So this is the trail going up And of course, there has to be wild chickens here. Are you sure we’re going to the right way? I think so… we’re suppose to see a sign that says Makiki Valley. Ok Is this dead end? Just go through here? It’s pretty muddy. It’s dried up. Little bit dried up. The Hawaiian nature. Are there snakes? No I feel like there’re snakes here. Of course not. There’re no snakes here in Hawaii. I didn’t know that. There are a lot of chickens but… Are there any other animals or bugs here? Hitomi? Are these bamboo trees? Skinny bamboo trees. Oh Interesting. We just went through the entire section of forest. And now we’re in somebody’s backyard. You know, we just went through extra miles. Ok, let’s escape from here. Is this a start point? There’s a little area to clean your shoes. We’re going to get our shoes dirty today. No Did you bring nice shoes today? Let me see. A very nice new shoes. Let’s see how they’re going to turn out. Compare to the other hike I went the other day, it’s not hot because we don’t get a direct hit of sunlight. A different kind of a hike here. We’re going up of this small trail. And look at it. Can you guys see? There’re like tons of ants. Going up and down. It’s crazy. The whole trail is filled with ants. Look at this rock. Quite interesting. There’s like a gigantic tree there. This is what we do when there’s so many mosquitoes. Just dance around. They won’t get on you. Mom is like running really fast. Because she doesn’t want to get sting by mosquitoes. Thats quite beautiful This bridge and the view from here. Feel like I’m in the old Hawaiian forest. Going back in time. Can hear the water. Because there are tons of rivers here. My sister doesn’t want to go any farther. Because it’s super muddy here. And she’s got a really expensive shoes. It was a mistake. There’re tons of mosquitoes here. I don’t know, she’s just stuck there. And mom just went ahead. And you know what I’m going to do guys? I’m going to keep going ahead and leave my sister. Yea Sounds like a good plan. The thing about going to these forests is that there are so many bugs here. The trails are getting really narrow. It’s quite muddy. Oh, my mom is right there. So my sister just turned around. Because she didn’t want to get her shoes really dirty. But me and my mom, we’re going forward. And it’s getting harder and harder to go through these bushes. We’re out. You know what? It’s way too muddy, and we might have to go back too. We have to get a mosquito spray or something. Because there’re hundreds of mosquitoes here. I’m surrounded by mosquitoes. And I think we need to come back here some other time. The take away from this trip is that you have to get mosquito sprays and You have to wear long sleeves, if possible. To avoid mosquito bites. It’s quite cool in here. It’s covered by trees here. It’s in the shade and it’s not too hot. It’s just that there are just so many bugs and really moist. I really don’t recommend for people who do not like bugs too much. it’s not a really good place to visit. You are going to have a horrible time actually. But it’s beautiful. So guys, I just came up all the way to the top of Tantalus mountain. It’s a mountain that is really close, and people always come here. A lot of tourists come here. You get the entire view of Waikiki and Honolulu. And in the back, right here, there’s diamond head. You can see the valley (manoa). It’s truly beautiful up here. You need a car to come up here. You have to go through these twisty roads to get up to Tantalus. Before getting to the peak. There’re actually couple lookout spots that a lot of people stop. As you can see, you get the entire view of everything.

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