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Hiking the Flatirons – Bonus Vlog!

Hello! We are in Boulder,
Colorado this week. Now I will resume your
regularly scheduled study tips and
whatnot next week, but today I’m just
going to show you the Flatirons. Okay here we go. This is what we want. Uh, second, third,
Flatirons Loop to first, second
Flatirons Trail. That’s what we want. Up we go. So, last year I climbed
my first mountain, in San Diego Mountain. It was 1100 feet elevation gain. This will be 1400. My next goal is
5000 in one trip, so this doesn’t make it. So if you have
suggestions for me, for a 5000 elevation
gain mountain that I should do
next, let me know. What did you do? -[Anna] Threw a snowball at you. – What’d you throw at me? -[Anna] Snowball. – Yeah? (laughing) I found Stonehenge. Da da. – Are you mad that I
threw a snowball at you? – [Thomas] Yes. – [Anna] Oh, okay. – [Thomas] Pretty sure that’s
Stonehenge right there. We are going up there. – [Anna] Wow, that view. – [Thomas] Sounds like the District
One Hunger Games announcer in the
background over there. Something’s going on. Maybe it’s a test. This is like the one
thing about Colorado, everything that way is amazing, everything that way is more Iowa, basically. So I’ll just keep
going this way. Okay. Time to go up there. – [Both singing together]
Nine nine one eight nine nine nine, eight eight one, nine nine. Nine one one nine seven two five, three. Slow mo music doo doo doo. – [Anna] There’s
lots of boulders here in Boulder. It’s pretty cool. – [Thomas] Yep. – [Anna] Are you videoing? – [Thomas] Uh huh. -[Anna] Take a picture. – [Thomas] It’s just been rolling. – [Anna] I want
to take a picture. Oh, my God. How are you gonna get down? -[Thomas] Double back flip. – [Anna] That’s not gonna work. Oh my God, you’re
making me so nervous. I don’t know where you’re going. – [Thomas] Around. – [Anna] There he is. Good job. – [Thomas] So you’re telling me you don’t want to go up that. There we go. – [Anna] These
are literally like the worst shoes
for rock climbing. – [Thomas] Ah, this is awesome. This is our new house. – [Anna] Oh, okay. – [Thomas] We’re
going to live here. – People came and like did– – Oh, Pikachu. Nice. This Pikachu was drawn by
– [Anna] It keeps going down. – [Thomas] cavemen in 5000 B.C. – It keeps going that way. – [Thomas] Does it? – [Anna] Yeah, a little bit. Give me the camera. – [Thomas] All right. All right, we’re going to do it. – [Anna] If you
took the backpack off it would be easier. – [Thomas] You’d like to see me do that, wouldn’t you? To do things that make sense. We can go out that way. – [Anna] Oh, God, I just looked directly into the sun. (laughing) – [Thomas] Survival log, day 34. All I’ve got to eat is rocks. What other kind of
art do we got here? We got sun. I can’t tell what this is. We’ve got a bear. – [Anna] Hi. – [Thomas] Hello. That’s a pretty frickin’ cool shot right there. So what do you think of my crib? It’s got a skylight. Built in, didn’t even
have to pay for it. Welcome to my new crib. My name is X to the Z exhibit. I was scared I was gonna hit my head on that. – [Anna] I don’t know
if I want to go up there. – [Thomas] Yay. – [Anna] I’m such a wimp. – [Thomas] Hey, You did it. – [Anna] Not without your help. – [Thomas] You’re a
lot shorter than me. And you didn’t start
the Parkour Club in high school. – [Anna] Did you have
to like make a waiver for that club or anything? – [Thomas] No, it wan’t
really like a real club. Like we didn’t have any blessings. We made a website
and then we just like were like hey kids, want to be hard core? Okay. We’ll teach you. We had like three golden rules, it was like the three laws
of robotics pretty much. It was like, only do what you’re comfortable with, ask for help if you need it, and never ever ever
do what Eric does, cause our friend Eric
was certifiably insane. I have no memory of this place. Oh wait, we found the trail. Okay. – Hi. Keep filming me. Wow. – [Thomas] I want to climb it. She won’t let me. – [Anna] You got to
have climbing gear. – [Thomas] She cares about
safety and stuff. (Raspberry noise) Just kidding. Hashtag lawyers and
hashtag liability and stuff, be safe dot com. I’m your dad. Yeah. – [Anna] That giant crossroads right there is cool. – [Thomas] So I thought I’d seen the last of the
cool stuff, but no. – [Anna] That’s pretty awesome. (Thomas sings start of
theme from The Lion King) I feel like every
good movie or vlog should have a narrative. A beginning, and a middle, and an end where I stand on top of a mountain. But I don’t know
if I can get there. Apparently there’s not a trail that goes to the top though. So I guess I can’t
do the closing act. Okay. Maybe end it right here.

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91 thoughts on “Hiking the Flatirons – Bonus Vlog!

  1. these retards making multiple comments, some of which are about being "first" or "second"…seriously you fucking cancers need to get off youtube.

  2. for first time climbers, i would recommend Mount Everest as a starting point, its not that bad but it is a good challange

  3. You seem to be fun to be with on hikes 🙂 What camera did you use, was it a GoPro? I want to buy one for my next hike.

  4. I truly Hope you do a Video on dealing with Depression and other disorders such as ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia, suicide, Eating disorders, etc. ( All these highly affect students)
    You're truly great at what you do and these topics could be a whole series on your channel.
    Thanks for the hard work we truly appreciate the advice.

  5. great vlog for a first time! but it was too boring for me. nothing happened most of the time. give me more background info!

  6. Hey,
    great that you are hiking etc.
    but frendly advice, buy some better shoes. I started hiking very young, and good shoes can save your life.

    Your channel is great, keep up the good work. 🙂

    Best regards from Croatia,

    p.s. sorry if my english is not the best.

  7. I live in Boulder and I've climbed the flatirons multiple times! I wish I had known you were there Thomas so I could've said hi =).

  8. ahahah if i were you, i'd invest in a better pair of shoes (if you are wearing a random pair of sneakers, if not, my bad :D)

  9. Cool I'm in Boulder too! Don't forget to get some recreational cannabis before you leave. 'The Farm' is my favorite spot 😉

  10. This was a really good, chilled out video and it's really cool to see your personality shine through with a script and all the cuts etc. Your study tip videos are really cool too btw but it's also now clear that you're just a really cool person all around 🙂

  11. If you're ever in Hawaii and want an awesome hike then check out the Koko crater railroad tie trail. It's not a whole lot of elevation, around 1000 ft I think, but it is very steep and can get pretty challenging at times, as you are literally hiking up the old railroad ties for a military tram. It may be hard but the view at the top makes everything worth it as well. One of my absolute favorite hikes ever.

  12. Great Thomas, Your videos are in your workstation room only and this is new ! liked it ! and are you making like this vlog – where you will share your new ideas ?

  13. Aaaaaaugh Tom I'm from Boulder I climb that trail multiple times every summer!! 😀 so great to see you guys enjoying it – although climbing with snow is questionable 😛

  14. This was really interesting!! You live in such a beautiful area! I just joined an outdoor adventure club at my uni, it's such a cool way to take a break from studying, it's just SO different to what I usually would do in my spare time (binge watching tv shows/generally waste my time haha)

  15. please stop publicizing how beautiful Boulder is. There are too many people here already. JK. Glad you had a great trip.

  16. Better to be up in the hills than down in Boulder itself, that is one strange town and county. Spend a little time there and you will figure out why Mork and Mindy was set there.

  17. Awh i live in boulder! Next time you guys come out I recommend youall do the royal arch trail! Same area very fun!

  18. Come to Albuquerque and you can climb from the base of the Sandia Mountains which is 5,300 feet above sea level to the peak of the Sandia mountains where you are at 10,600 feet above sea level.

  19. Harney Peak in western South Dakota. It's like 7,000 elevation and pretty awesome views 🙂 i've done it twice

  20. hey thomas! I'm a college student and I want to change my room design, could make a tutorial about your room organisation please? Thanks

  21. Hi man, Nice vlog! A hiking tip from me is to get a "chest strap" for your backpack, does wonders for your shoulders and greater mobility if the backpack is tighter to your body.

  22. Mount Timpanogos in Utah is 1,200 foot climb, and about an 8-10 hour round trip. Best time to go is in August.

  23. "I have no memory of this place." Okay, Gandalf. When in doubt, go where the air is freshest.
    Please, please go and get some proper hiking boots. I was cringing every time I saw your tennis shoes.

  24. Good job! next time you can use some music from like one of the musicians in the description of Casey Neistat's vlogs!

  25. At 5:09 "I have no memory of this place"…. reminds me of Gandalf in the mines of Moria 😛
    And yes! Before you started singing, at the point with the cool rock, I thought of Lion King too!!!

  26. hey thomas ! how do you do yo manage your daily spend list (sorry about muy english). I mean do you use any app yo control how much money you spend?

  27. hi
    man i played video games a lot and my grades in school was awsome ,i stopped playing that and my grades drop
    is that possible ?
    man i struggle this problem for seven years
    would you please answer me?

  28. Funny video, you and your girl make a nice team. I agree with her safety first 👍🏾 Exploring the wilderness looks interesting but I'm pretty sure one must have a good sense of direction. I would get really lost. 😀 Nice views.

  29. Hiking in beautiful scenery, Hunger Games joke, Lord of the Rings joke, and everything else makes this video great! Lol

    I wanna go hiking with you!

  30. Being a student at the University of Colorado was the best thing ever! This is what we would do at least twice a week

  31. For a 5k elevation change, I believe Half Dome will meet that criteria. However, I also believe permits are required and limited so do research a significant amount of time out. Also check into the hike down into the Grand Canyon. We will be going to Hawaii soon so looking forward to some good hiking there. Also hoping to get into backpacking soon. Hooray! (Side note…love walking along La Jolla shore when I visit San Diego. Not challenging but great view and love seeing the wildlife.)

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