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Hiking the Famous Diamond Head-HAWAII ADVENTURES

oh my god guys we have reached the summit of diamond air what stairs was it was it was it more difficult than you imagined yeah yes we’re here at the Diamond Head crater hike I’m Diamond Head is the most popular mountain in Hawaii I gotta say the most popular symbol of Hawaii to that entrance of the diamond the head there is no public transportation so we have to walk from the base to the entrance of climbing ability now we have Lawrence with us in the back I don’t know if you can see him you can probably see him between me and Satoshi this is Lawrence’s first time do you guys like his t-shirt of course we do to enter the crater there is a tunnel this is the entrance of the tunnel we have to actually walk through this tunnel before we get to the actual base Lawrence’s outfit for the day let’s rate him from one to ten guys great his hiking fashion costume in the comments down below we’re at the ticket booth guys it’s one dollar to enter the Diamondhead hike so after you pay you’ll see a stand with drinks water shaved ice and fresh pineapples and that’s the Diamondhead visitor center for maps and some other things that you might need and there’s restaurants straight ahead if you did grind it ready to climb alright I’m ready – alright so I think it takes about 40 to 50 minutes until we get to the summit it’s a pretty easy hike but there is some difficult areas so this is what it looks like at the base of the summit guys is pretty easy it’s very peaceful a lot of green high-crime with this mountain maybe 4 times maybe this is the fifth time of my climbing this mountain the first time it was almost 20 years ago and my parents also climbed this mountain bumpy yes a bumpy city buddy what I taking I’m taking I’m taking footage of the beautiful flowers and scenery of this hike beautiful raining like crazy yes yeah not yet not yet okay so I think we’re about halfway up it’s not so bad let’s stop here and check out the view it’s beautiful this is what it looks like all the inside of the crater it’s massive the thing is the rain has stopped and I think we’re more than halfway up you know what this is okay for some reason it’s a lot easier doing this hike then I when I did it two years ago I wonder why look at that look at the view from up here you see all these people going down and coming up today it’s so humid it was raining yeah I know it’s really humid right now Lawrence looks totally fine right am i yeah I think so by not yeah let’s keep going well because of you that’s beautiful as the ocean spectacular view Wow photoshooting hot patootie almost up there this is the hardest part of the climb I’m glad climb of these steps going to this really really narrow claustrophobic tunnel wish us luck oh this is a good workout he’s now yeah but oh yeah yes we’re gonna compare one more flight of stairs to go up yeah I’m gonna go up alright you ready took out those steps yes I have no choice bye I’m not going until reached ahead all right okay good luck you ready it’s pretty hard oh yeah all right here we go guys we gotta climb up these long set of stairs this is crazy anyway this is like really intense workout they tell you huh this is like the Stairmaster or something like on the most intense more I know we’re sweating like crazy I’m so happy here we started working out again [Music] [Music] last I’m gonna do is just squeeze through this small tiny area here I mean it oh my god we made it we made it up to the top of Diamond Head so happy the view is spectacular from here and you know what it wasn’t it hard it was challenging but it was pretty hard I mean it was challenging but it was pretty fun oh my god guys we have reached the summit of Diamond Head all three of us Lawrence is over there he’s half-dead was it this was it was it more difficult than you imagined yeah yes yeah it was rainy and then his son need and when he’s sunny is hot he said he want to go to he gone he want to go back to his walk yes his work yes going down is easier that is easy it should be much easier but anyway we made it so now all we got to do is go back down ready ready lady let’s go back down ready [Music] obviously going down is a lot easier but you still have to watch your footing especially after rain because it can be a little slippery you know the other interesting thing is that it was really rainy and kind of cold when we started the hike but now it’s super hot it’s like incredibly hot it’s about noon I already hungry but many people are climbing now I recommend to come early in the morning because it’s so hot we’re getting there hey guys so we made it down Diamondhead were at the base hey we survived by by Deniz that were still young at least young enough to climb about uni but yeah it was a great hike I definitely recommend this hike for the spectacular views and for some of the exercise that you need because you know you have a lot of that food that you gotta burn off yes but um yeah hope you guys enjoyed this video hope you guys enjoyed coming along on this hike and hope to see you guys on our next Hawaiian adventure yeah you’re able to shake your eyes [Music]

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64 thoughts on “Hiking the Famous Diamond Head-HAWAII ADVENTURES

  1. GUMBY! I love Gumby! Awesome shirt Laurence!! What a great climb! That tunnel and those steps were crazy! So cool that you boys introduced Laurence to Diamond Head. You guys were real troopers! What a beautiful view……loved the “Satoshi Dance!” Thanks for sharing. How sore were your legs the next day? My goodness!

  2. Awesome video, guys! I'm surprised that Lawrence made it! He doesn't look like the outdoorsy, hiking kind of guy to me, hahah! But maybe it's that Hawaiian beauty and charm that can keep anyone going. Absolutely beautiful, breathtaking views. I wish I could have been there! Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience with us!

  3. Lawrence looks amazing, sporting vintage Aloha Tourist Wear that never goes out of fashion!!! Oh yeah, you guys look great as locals. Aloha.

  4. Lawrence looked awesome with the yellow back pack and the colorful shorts. It seemed like a nice day outing. I'm proud of you guys for making it. The view from the top was beautiful. Thanks for taking us a long.🍧👏

  5. Wow! It's so crowded now. Last time I did that it wasn't so crowded. It really is a spectacular view when you reach the summit. Great Video guys!

  6. You should definitely try malasadas from Leonard's bakery while you're there! It's a classic. And the Nu'uanu Pali Lookout has a great view of the windward(east coast) of Oahu but it's very windy and cold so take a jacket! Hope you enjoy your stay while in Hawaii!

  7. I saw you guys today in Shibuya! Thank you for stopping and saying hello so I can get a selfie. I forgot to say it’s because of your videos that I felt comfortable enough to travel Japan solo. Thank you for always being so informative and fun, you guys are awesome! It’s so crazy that for the millions of people in Japan, I got to run into you guys. My trip is blessed 🙂

  8. Hi everyone! Another fun video! You can see my rare occasion with the nature! Outfitwise, I think I scored "PERFECT" haha. Anyway, it was a great experience and I will sure try again. You guys should do too! Laurence

  9. Born and raised here. In 76 years, have never been on this hike. Thank you for taking me there. Good video.

  10. Mahalo nui loa for sharing this video with us! My brother took this hike on one of our trips back to Oahu where we were born and raised. Beautiful views along the way to the top. Love Lawrence's outfit! Thank you again! Miss home so much!

  11. Diamond head was nice but honestly felt it was a bit overrated esp cuz if can get too crowded to enjoy. Have you guys done the Makapu‘u Point Lighthouse Trail? The views along are stunning and then final destination is still one of the most beautiful sights I’ve seen to this day. Plus there are no stairs so stroller and knee friendly 👍

  12. Thank you so much for hiking Diamond Head and publishing this video. Last time I was in Waikiki I was on a stopover and alone and thought I would hike DH. I remember as you got higher, the climb became more challenging. I got to the tunnel and ugh! I am claustrophobic. With no one to hold my hand and help me along, I couldn't go further and had to turn back. I was shocked there was a huge steep flight of stairs after the tunnel. The view at the tops is second to none. Looks like you guys had a great day. Thanks again.

  13. 綺麗な気色の登山はいいですね

  14. Speaking of heat, it is a scientific fact: eating spicy food in the summer time will improve your immune system.

  15. Wow. I was at Diamondhead in 76 as a graduation present. We just hopped on a bus. There was no "summit" or stairs. I wonder if they have you hike in now to preserve the land.

  16. Oh, man! I'd never survive those stairs. The view is spectacular, but I don't think these 62-year-old knees would think it's worth it. I just gotta say, Satoshi has AMAZING calves, and Lawrence's aren't too shabby, either. (Nice shots of them Shinichi!)

  17. Lawrence, always so stylish! Good job on completing the hike! I never was able to get to Diamond Head, but I hiked up into Aliamanu Crater every day, LOL. It's way different now, seems the Navy sold the land to the Army, and they tore down all those 1970s houses and put up really nice looking houses, probably officer homes. Hawaii was better before?

  18. I hiked up Diamond Head only once many years ago, and took me about two hours because I kept stopping, lol! but the view at the top was so amazing, everyone should try the Diamond Head hike! ☺

  19. Thank you for sharing this video. I've never seen nor been there. Really beautiful 👍😊🌺

  20. Wow, I got winded just watching you guys. I breath like that everyday. Looked like you all had a fantastic time. Going down was a breeze. The view was, shall I say, breath taking. Laurence of course was a fashion statement. Shaved ice looked devine. Nice video guys. Happy thoughts. JC

  21. Laurence deserves a 10 for his outfit, particularly the Gumby t-shirt! Gumby is perfect for Laurence, being green, as he is. I think Gumby is fantastic! Thanks for the great video of your hike up Diamond Head. It's so nice all three of you went together, and you could encourage each other. It's a long climb, surely, but those views are spectacular! I only saw Diamond Head from below when I was there. It's so nice to see the views from the top of the trail. Thank you so much! 🙂

  22. Thanks for taking us along the hike! Beautiful scenery. +laurence luk gets an 11/10 from me because he's so extra! XD
    Shaved ice is a nice way to reward yourself after the hike. So refreshing!

  23. If you went left it would have been easier but then you’d miss walking up those stairs and going through the tunnel and spiral staircase. Btw I’ve seen elderly tourist walk up to the top.

  24. So beautiful! Thank You for sharing this hike in with us. The views were amazing, looking forward to more Hawaii videos. Virtual Hugs 💕💕💕

  25. Lawrence's outfit was nice and cheery like his personality. My husband hates hiking so we didn't venture up the mountain when we were in Honolulu. Looks difficult, but rewarding! I would like to try it myself one day.

  26. I've never seen Laurence in a T-shirt before! What a gorgeous hike, but the stairs are a bit challenging. Whoa! It seemed like it was worth it for that view. Thanks so much for sharing your hike with us!

  27. Super awesome video! I love that hike. The stairs looked kinda scary, but it's all worth it at the end. The view looked spectacular! I bet you all had a fun time together and had lots of laughs. And Laurence , you looked so colorful and fabulous as always. PS: I need that book bag in my life, lol. Thanks for sharing guys!

  28. Laurence, you look great! Love your outfit and I rate it a 9. Not sure the shoes matched? But of course you are the fashion king so who am I to say? lol! Btw, the view is amazing! Hawaii is such a beautiful island honestly. Love the vids as always! 🙂

  29. Oh Laurence, you are ALWAYS fashionable, 😉 hehe! What an epic payoff at the top. Woah! So gorgeous but omg, so much exercise. I know it's good for you but dang, lol. Thanks for sharing you guys and much love to you three! <3

  30. I love the gumby t shirt too. Hey awesome video hike. It looks hard but gives you a good workout.i hope to do the diamond head hike someday.thanks guys the hawaii videos are cool.mahalo!

  31. What a work out. There was one time you all looked exhausted but the next view you all looked pretty good. Beautiful video. Thanks I enjoyed it very much. What a beautiful hike.

  32. Cannot beat the view, tho, once u’r at the top…(I’m far from athletic & I made mistake of wearing slippahs the day I went, LoL…was worth it, no matter…)

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