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Hiking the beautiful sand deserts of Wahiba Sands in Oman

In early December we went for a desert hike Heading for the lands of the Al Wahiba bedouins, in Oman The Wahiba Sands A vast sand desert recommended to us by local Omani hikers that we contacted And a beautiful place on earth that would leave us memories of extrodinary sunsets, sunrises and star gazing While constantly reminding us of the beauty of nature First thing to strike you is the silence and peacefulness as you wander off into the endless dunes The quiet, soft landscape that surrounds you immediately gives you a sense of peace and tranquility And watching the sun set from the top of a sand dune, is priceless. Wahiba Sands it characterized by long raised areas of soft sand, interspersed with low areas of rocky sand. Creating a striped landscape that help you navigate by counting “valleys” you pass or by following the stripes. As the sun rises over the sand desert, long shadows are thrown from the sand dunes all over the landscape. Creating some of the most magical sceneries there is A spiritual moment on earth as you silently stand in awe to the beauty of nature

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