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Hiking Mt. Bukhansan in Seoul, South Korea

Hi, this is Lara from En Route Traveler and I’m here with my friend Jeanette today. -Hi! We’re going to go hiking Mt. Bukhansan in Seoul. Did I say that right? – Yes. Mount Bukhansan in a granite mountain that’s a popular and challenging day hike. Located in northern Seoul, we were even able to take the subway there. We noticed fitness diagrams at the trail head on how to warm up and stretch and felt obligated to comply. Number 1 on the stretching guide… – Can you feel that?
– Feel the burn! -Really flex it! Hamstrings! Number 2: upper back and arms. [laughs] Swing! Swing it out! Loosen up! Lubricate the joints. – What’s up with this? – [Jeanette laughing] What’s that?! I don’t know, it’s what she’s doing. – And then number 3: swing to the heels. [laughter] And hips! – Brian, you’re just moving your head! – But that’s what she’s doing. – She’s going way back which actually is not good to do. – That’s not good, that’s dangerous. – Yeah, as a certified Zumba teacher, do not do that stretch. – I got a doctorate in this. – I think we’re good to go! – You warm?
– I’m ready, ready to hike. – Let’s do it!
– Okay, go! This is the peak we think we’re walking towards. supposedly it only takes 2 – 2.5 hours to reach. We it up to the first tier and the foliage is absolutely beautiful because we’re here in October. And there are lots of benches here in case you want to eat and CPR instructions in case… – Someone is having a heart attack. – Yes in case someone is having a heart attack. But you won’t get them until you get to this first level. That’s a tip. You would definitely want gloves for these ropes during the winter But during the fall, it’s okay. Jeanette bought some at the base, just in case. We made it to level 2 but we’re going to keep on trucking. According to the map, we’re here an it’s just half a kilometer up to the peak. We’ll see, it might be treacherous – Don’t we have to go over here? – Oh yeah! Plus some. This last stretch is really tough and steep. – There’s a Korean flag at the top. Almost there! – Hi.
– We made it to the top! – Our heads are stuck together. – Lots of gnats up here! [laughs] After snacking and more stretching, we were ready to descend taking a different trail down the other side of the mountain. Now it’s your turn. Do you have any tips for hiking in Korea? Leave your comments and questions below for other travelers. If you enjoyed this video, please give us a thumbs up, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and share it with a friend. Discover more tips for hiking Bukhansan by visiting us at Until we meet again, remember to stay restless and seek more. Strike a pose! – Have a nice day!

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