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Hiking in the Dolomites

We were in Venice this morning Bye Venice! like mere hours ago in Venice. Okay After an amazing time in Venice we
picked up our rental car and started our roadtrip up into the Dolomites. Our first stop, Lago Di Carezza, was 3 hours away and the outrageously picturesque drive was not without its hiccups. We’ve been trying to figure out how to pay for gas for the past like five minutes. The
instructions are in Italian this is a self-service station and it is confusing! It’s gonna be half a tank of gas. Claire: Do we have to select the pump again?
Justin: I think I already did Ok, does it look like it’s gonna work? Common. No? It’s not doing anything? It didn’t give me a receipt just took the money. Seriously? Ricevuta! Ricevuta! Ricevuta! Wait, what did it do? It took the money. Okay so so now it might register maybe it’s just really slow. Uuuughhhh It says “Credito non utilizzato” Try doing it now. The struggle is real in gas pumping town. Our 10 bucks is gone forever! After failing to fill our tank we hit the
road hoping for better luck next time. Lago di Carezza is an easy road trip stop
with the hike around the lake only taking around 20 minutes. From there we continued on to Sass Pordoi,
an almost 3000 meter high plateau less than an hour away. There are motorcycles everywhere! We are at Pordoi Pass which is a cable car that will take you up the mountain and it looks a little bit epic. We’ve decided to walk down so you take
the cable car up and the walk down is one hour. So I feel like we can do that in-
Justin: 40? Well we can do it in 40 minutes if we didn’t stop every 5 seconds for pictures and video. My favorite thing about this place is that everybody is bringing their puppies with them! Um. What?! What? We were in Venice this morning, like
mere hours ago in Venice. Ok. I am completely overwhelmed by this place. I don’t think I’ve ever seen mountains
anything close to being like this. I cannot wait to fly the drone. I am actually shaking over that drone flight. This is gonna be the most slippery hour of our lives. I need new shoes. I’ve only fallen on my butt once so far today. That’s not bad for a trail this…uh…slippery. Woops. It’s fine. I think I’m going to name this Rock Surfing. Oh my god, there are so many rocks in my shoes! That’s where we’ve come from! How long have we been walking so far? 20 minutes? 15? What justin is doing looks deceptively
like walking but it’s not walking it is sprinting, and I am uncontrollably
sprinting to try and keep up with him and it does not work. Justin will forever be ahead of me. Give me a freaking break Justin. Okay bye I’m gonna rip a hole in these pants if I keep falling. I just feel so Sound of Music right now. All done. Totally worth the effort. *Quirky music* Pumping gas in Italy is the biggest
challenge on the face of this earth. We have a better diagram this time. Claire: You put it in the car
Justin: You fill it up and then you pay for it? Oh! What? If you press the button does it do
anything? It doesn’t do anything? If none of us can figure this out… How much money should I put in? Cash is in. Alright Start Justin: Diesel
Claire: Diesel There is no such thing as a pump six on here.
Alright we’re moving the car. Dude I’ve never had so much trouble pumping gas! but you have to remove the nozzle within 30 seconds. This is such a struggle! Hoping that we’re not gonna lose more money, let’s see. Claire: Pick up the pump!
Justin: No, you leave it. Claire: What?!
Justin: Yes. Claire: What? Select product.
Select number with the side pump remove the nozzle within 30 seconds and start pumping! Justin: Did you already do it?
Claire: Yes!!! Do it! Did it- *gasp* Claire: Is it working?! It’s working! Oh my god hahaha We’re pumping gas! After finally filling our tank we headed north to find our hoteland rest for the night. Pounding headaches and overwhelming nausea set in
as we navigated twisting and turning roads through the mountains. My motion sickness was so bad I could barely see straight by the time we stumbled into our hotel. Good morning! My seasickness it’s like 95% gone and we’re going to do 40 minute drive now to take morning pictures of a really gorgeous valley that Justin has his heart set on. It’s gonna be awesome, but I’m sleepy! This is it! Oh my gosh, this is it! We are up on a hill up above the Church
of Saint Magdalena. It is 7:00 in the morning and we have been up since 4:00. Staying up through sunset and getting up for sunrise during the summer is one of
the hardest things I think I’ve ever had to do over and over and over again and
we are going to be doing that for the next week or so, so sleep deprivation is
now our new best friend but I’m ok with it because check this out. After watching the sun come up we drove
an hour to Alpi Di Suisi where we rode the massive over
4km long cable car up into the mountains. Justin pulled a “Claire!” We just took a- what? 15 minute ride up a mountain and he doesn’t have a camera. We will be sharing. Woops! I hope I don’t drop anything. Justin just informed me that I stomp when I walk. Wonder who I got it from (mom) Apparently I make way too much effort
when I walk. I pick up my feet and I shove them back down into the ground and
I’ve been having really bad knee pain today so Justin suggested that I walk
light, so I’m not picking up my feet really I’m just sort of letting them swing. It’s a revelation. All of my pain is gone. I’m like a hummingbird but I’m
walking. So the hike that we’re doing today is a loop. We started here and it goes down
there, down into that little valley and then up this way to Justin then it goes back around and it’s gorgeous I will not drop my GoPro. I will not drop my GoPro. I will not drop my Gopro. That was fun!

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37 thoughts on “Hiking in the Dolomites

  1. I‘m very sick here (in my bed though) watching you having motion sickness and sleep deprivation so I more or less feel you… but the beautiful view comforts me… as it did to you. Thank you

  2. When you fly the drone, it feels like you're exploring the Moon or the Mars! … and feeling the Sound of Music! Thank you for the nice video! <3 from Seattle.

  3. nice video sister , you inspired me also start a channel in china and now its growing so fast, thanks much to you hope one day i may be able to make a collaboration video with you, and also at least your fans may support me too. stay blessed and KEEP inspiring.

  4. One of the more underrated travel channels, always so much fun and genuine joy. Also, if you go back to the mountains today, there is probably "NO DRONE" signs everywhere. 🙁 I love taking pictures, watching your channels inspires me to start try to take some videos!

  5. I love watching your videos Claire! They look so professional and it feels like I am there with you exploring and seeing the world, and I want to thank you for that. Watching your videos makes me calm in a otherwise stressfull and sometimes crazy world. Never stop what you are doing and can´t wait to watch your channel grow. Much love from Sweden

  6. Such beautiful landscape shots! <3 The mountains are gorgeous! The valleys are stunning! My favorite quote from this segment was "Justin just informed me…." (sounds like double Justin) 😀

  7. I was confused by the gas billing in Eurpoe before, sometimes they charge a big amount in advance, in the future they will refund you the rest to you

  8. Stupendous! Wonderful photography and video editing. I love the balance you create between your emotional and spontaneous reactions to your experiences and the visual responses you capture to convey these in still and moving image. Absolutely the best travel blogs I've ever seen. And as for the Dolomites from where the imperfect block of white marble from which Michelangelo sculpted his David came from – well, the images speak for themselves! Tony Costa.

  9. Hii Claire🐾
    Your videos are inspiring me a lot🔥
    while seeing your videos. i am feeling like i am in that location💙
    U r smile is soo adorable😍
    If u vist INDIA. i will be a guide for most of the places..if u need.
    And say "Hii" to your partner😉

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