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Hiking in the Dolomites, Italy – Thru-hike Europe LOG#17

Hello Ah! You scared me!! Hello everyone and welcome for
this seventeenth logbook! Time runs. It’s been almost nine months that we are on the trail. We’re now talking to you from the South Tyrol in Italy, exploring the Dolomites and wow we can tell you for sure that this region worth the look! We couldn’t have dreamt of a better welcome back in Italy than meeting the Lepore family. We met Daniele, Piero, Stella and all the people working with them as Tatiana. We spent a few days with them enjoying their company and most of all the incredible pizzas of Daniele! Thank you guys it was the perfect way for us to meet again with Italy. Crossing the border from Switzerland to Italy we arrived in Lombardia. We needed to cross a last glacier, quite of an easy one, hiking around peaks like the Gran Zebrù, the Monte Cevedale also are absolutely stunning, special colors, it was once again a really nice place! Right after this crazy glacier we arrived in
the Vale di Non, passing by villages like Romeno, and discovered where are actually growing most of the European apples we are eating. Melinda, this huge company, represents no less than 15% of the apple production in Europe. This is getting the soil poorer and poorer every day… let’s get back to some agriculture that leaves a larger space to different varieties. This is the only way we can grow things in the good way. In Romeno, we had a great evening. We
arrived at the bar, met with the owner of Annalisa, we got offered some cheese,
we got invited to sleep at Maurizio’s place and we got invited to have dinner at the mayor’s pizzeria! After Romeno, we kept
following the trails until the city of Bolzano. In Bolzano, actually, thanks to Jesse,
you remember Jesse from Holland? He’s been walking with us nearly two
weeks and a half. Knowing we would arrive there he contacted someone whose sister actually lives there. We got invited and met with Maria and Jacopo. Guys, you are super great!
You became friends and we miss you. We stopped at Maria’s and Jacopo a few days That was also the occasion to discover the association SLAM. Jacopo is a circus artist. We’ve done their interview and you should look through it on our channel because those people are amazing! The street circus is not the only thing they do They also have a really social role
and do a lot with the kids but also the migrants Wow! A lot of respect for you guys! Such a pleasure Maria, Jacopo
Ciao guys! Leaving Bolzano, we arrived here in the Dolomites Guys, for the past nine
months that we are hiking in Europe we’ve crossed and seen amazing places but
here is something really really particular! The rock is mostly limestone and this
makes a very very particular landscapes. Those huge cliffs all around are very impressive. You know you’re really all the time feeling like facing a wall and this is a very special part of the Alps in the end. What wasn’t our surprise when we realized that in this part of Italy everybody is actually speaking German. Yes, before the First World War, a part of Trentino-Alto-Adige was actually part of Austria. The first place in the Dolomites where we hike through was the natural park of Sciliar-Catinaccio. This first place was amazing.
We hiked next to the Sassolungo. Arrived to the Sella mountain range and then decided to head up to one of its most known peak: The Piz Boè This is maybe the highest point of the mountain range. This was very rocky, this foggy day felt crazy. As you know guys we are off season now, and we were up there under the snow by ourselves with this fog We made some mistakes and arrived next to this crazy via ferrata that we didn’t had the guts to take. It was really a beautiful place
we recommend this 100% Now all the cabins are pretty much closed but, wow! Yes, we are now off season and the colors of the trees and the mountains all around leave no doubts about this. As well as the very very cold nights we are experiencing those days! Hopefully last night we got
the chance to sleep in Roberto’s barn. We were looking for a place to stay and Roberto invited us to sleep near the hay, which is a very great source of heat ! Thank you, thank you very much! This is it for now guys, but soon we will be discovering some very impressive and famous places of the Dolomites. We cannot tell you more right now, be sure to stay tuned!! Two guests are arriving very very soon and we cannot wait actually to share this trip again with some people. We tell you more very soon in the next logbook! See you everyone. Cheers. Bye bye.

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