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Hiking in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador: Quilotoa Lake & Surroundings

– my name is Tecla and I’m the volunteer here at the black sheep in it’s an amount on launch high in the endless mountains absolutely beautiful and this is actually the second time that I’m here because after the first time I cried my eyes out and could not really imagine that I would not be coming back here and just would never see this again I think that nickyloo Toa very well-known of course and it’s beautiful beautiful but there is so much more to see and to do because when you go to lick it making the Toa you already start with a variety of possibilities you can go to the rim take is very easy walk maybe down to the lake when Takaya come up again by music and like walk you can go around to him you could go and hike to Miami it’s an easy three hour stroll you could also do like the famous six-hour hike all the way back to tube Geelong where actually the black sheep in is located but then it’s like only one tiny little part of this area because for example when you go up to the para mo you can visit the cloud forest and it is like this mysterious forest order it’s like a lot of moss trees there’s orchids there are a lot of medicinal plants and we have local guides we only use local guides but I truly truly like they speak Spanish only and it never is a problem because people say oh it feels so clear so I like that you know you can fit it also on the Panama on the high grasslands to local cheese factory tiny tiny tiny so it’s not like a big factory but you’re coming into its two little rooms and you know you come and you see all the people in the morning bringing the milk on the donkey or a llama on a horse walking with like plastic jugs and all are bringing the milk it’s being weighted and then they get a credit towards cheese and I think those things that have not been lost and it’s still very life was like many many many years ago and it’s just very very unique if you continue for the Panem oh you go down to the subtropical and then you go into oranges big leaves everything is lush it’s getting warm you hear like more birds that’s like butterflies it is a complete different world that you’re going into again and so dedicating like one of the one of the discoveries a month two secrets here that whatever you do it’s always different another one for example right outside the black sheep in famous sky walk at mundo discovered that one he’s the manager here and he was always playing down in the canyon when he was a kid and it’s truly a beauty a lot of people even like more than the Kyoto reticulum height this beautiful purple there’s young yellow flowers it is spectacular and then another thing so I often go hiking I hike everything possible here so I always tell people put on your hiking boots you know it’s like or get in the car get on the horse or you know just like explore this because it’s just beautiful still very on touch on touch very authentic and I think definitely worth in my case three months six weeks another month but I think there might be a little bit much but I think as much time as you can spend it here in the beautiful area of fur Chocula wanna make the world a better place take a look at yourself but then make a change

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6 thoughts on “Hiking in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador: Quilotoa Lake & Surroundings

  1. Thanks for putting together your video! I've been looking for a good trekking vacation ever since I read an article on Upgraded Points about how vacations focused on health and exercise have taken off. My wife and I have done a fair bit of extended travel, and to be frank, we're of chasing TripAdvisor's "Best Things To Do". Thanks for your recommendation!

  2. I like the idea about the people bringing their jugs of milk to the cheese-maker and they receiving a bill of credit for cheese, after it is made.

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